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The last Spinjitzu Masters Dragon
Published 5 months ago
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This is a Moc of the last Spinjitzu Master and his Dragon Dark.
If you have seen My Master of Ilusion and Fountaine of Live Mocs You know that he swoopt in at the end of Fountaine of life to save The Ninja. In case you haven´t i am gona put the full story below.
For evryone who already knows the story just scroll down to the botom.

Master of Ilusions
The story begins with jay having a night mare. He wakes up in shock. Next to him is a man in a black coat performing some kind of magic on him. They start a fight in the monestary. Jay is trying to wake up his friends but the the man in the coat is performing some kinde of dark magic so they can neither see ore here him. They take the fight to the bath room wher a dark silhouete is watching them throug the mirror. Then jay is blasted on the cord outside where the others find him passed out. The Man in the coat is sitting on the roof un seen by anyboddy

After this prologeuthe ninja have to chace a myterios vilan namend the wing man. Later it turns out that the wing man is actualy evil jay who pretended to be normal jay. The real jay is traped in the mirror world. His evil self has been growing up with his real parents. In this world his real father cliff gordon finaced his wing inventtion back from the pilots. thats why evil jay has thouse high tech wings. The ninja manage to comunicat with the real jay trough a mirror and are able to swap him back with evil jay. The ninja furthe investigat the situation and the stumble upon a mystirous figure who hapend to show up in all of the most importend events in ninjagos history for at least 50 years. They are abe to sniff out his hiding place The tempel of ilusions wich is set in snowy vally. There they meat the guy who jay can identify as the man in the black cout. It turns out he discoverde a substance he called the dark aether, petrified remains of the original boddy of the over lord back from the stone samurai age. In the tempel they fight the man in the coat who dubed him selfe the master of Ilusions. He is using the dark aether to creat ilusions. This way he has been manipulating the corse of history in ninjago for decades and stealing magical atifacts like the reversal blade , a cursed amulet that will make anyone who puts it on forget evrything ore a just a plane dragon egg. He doesen´t realy have a reason for it, he just finds it amusing. Until now, because after a fight the reason why he steped out of the shadow is reveald. He created the mirror realm just as a joke. It also cant be seen in evry mirror its just in the mirrors close to him. Things in the mirror realm can be made reality by swapping places with theyer real counter part. Even though his games where fun the master of ilusions aka the poste man was feling lonly. Because he is a little weard in stead of socializing with real people he just created himself a family in the mirror world. Because he created his family from scratch he cant bring them over to the real world, because the dont have real life counter parts. That was´nt a problem until he was running out of dark aether. With out it the whole mirror world would sease to exist, his family along with it. thats why he was loocking for elemental masters to expriment on the. Thats why he toock jay. He actually just needs loyd because loyds evil mirror version never gave up his golden power. In the battle he actualy wins over all of the ninja and swaps the out. Now traped in the mirror realm the ninja are forced to watch the master of elusions fuse evil loyd with the remaning dark aether and the dragon egg creating a new being known as the creator. The creator is a mindless clone of the overlorde, with the powers of the firs spinjitsu master. With this new powerfull weapon he wants to swap out all of ninjago with the mirror realm. This would make ninjago disapear when ther is no dark aether left. he turns his temple in to the so called mirrors arc. A giant air ship wich he uses as a base during the swap. As the worlds are swaping the ninjas are able to get on the arc and confront hte master of elusion. After a fight, a long talk and a heart to heart with his family he realises that he cant take away evry ones familys just to save his own. He tells the ninja they can use the reversal blade to stop the swap but they have to reache the room with the stolen artifacts. Now the ninja and the master of Ilusions have to team up against the evil ninja and the creator who wnat to goe throug with the swap no matter the cost. During this showdown the ninja and tha master of Ilusions reach theyer destination, but befor they can use the time blade to reverse the swap evil loyd destroys it. So the Master of elusions has to make the ultimate sacrefice putting on the amulet on wich makes him forget evrything. This way all The things he created disapeard because they are just an extansion of his imagination. Now he doesent kwow of his "career" as the master of Ilusions any more but he also forgot about his family in the prosses. Now he isnt even a mail man any more, he is just nobody. In the end there is even a little cliff hanger. [quick note: when the swap was stoped the creator was turned to stone and broke apart] Aferter the credits rolled the rubble of the creator is shown again. One of the stones turns out to be an egg. From the egg a little baby dragon hatches. Then the dragon is vomiting some Dark aether and runs away.

Fountaine of Life
There are sightings of a "wherewolf in Ninjago city" The Ninja manage to track him down. He has build some sort of shrine in an abandond subway tunnle. The wolf is getting his orders by a Mystirious light in a bottle he is calling the wisp. In the shrine he build a portal to another realm: Chima. Chima is the Home world of the wolf. The Wisp was invading the wolfs dreams telling him of a new world they can build together if he would build a Portal to bring the wisp to chima. The Ninja folow them through the Portal and end up in a city that resambles Wakanda from Black Panther. Because time runs diffrently in other realm Chima has evolved to a Futuristic utopia. The People aren´t using chi anymore to Power machines but normal technolegy. The Fountaine of Chi is just a myth now since the flying Mountaine crushed down on earth. After some shenanigans in the City Okamo(The wolf) and the wisp discoverd the location of the Fountaine. The Ninja an Okamo have a fight in the ruins of the old Lion Tempel. Okamo escapes and manages to find the Fountaine. He troughs the Bottle with the wisp in. The Wisp Uses the Chi to create himself a boddy. It Turns out he is actualy Evil Loyd form Master of Ilusions. Using his Power of Creation he was able to survive without dark aether and the mind of the Mailman. He kills Okamo and makes the water from the fountaine flow Back to Ninjago throug the Portal. The Ninja face of against him in The City of chima. Later they Take the Fight back to Ninjago City where Evil Loyd has turned the small shrine in the subway in to a Huge Tempel hovoring aboth Ninjago city. Because he is to strong the Ninja have no other option the to drink the Chi water. They have been told that drinking it would Change boddy and Mind forever. It is a Transformation that cant be undone. After an argument loyd ends up drinking the water becaus he feels guilty because the enemy is Evil him. The Water turns Loyd in to a monster. Half Dragon half human but he is Defeated by his evil self with ease. Evil Loyd has a little Monoloug:"Loyd You are weak not even The Fountaine of life can chainge that. If you face of against me you are nothing. You cant Protect Ninjago You cant Protect Chima. Your not even strong enough to Protect your friends. You cant save anyone. Not anymore. I am you. I am what you should have been. Am am you if you haven´t given away the Power of the first spinjitzu Master. I am you if you had taken our Birth right of being a god. You have been the Loyd of this world for long enough but now...
its my turn"
With thouse words he actualy kills loyd before his friends very Eyes. Before he can whipe out the other Ninja a Blck dragon swoops in and takes them away. A man With strange clothes is Riding the dragon. The Ninja want to go Back for loyd but the man tells them otherwise:"He his gone. You can´t hep him now! But maby we can save him back then. Tell me where is the reversal blade?" Ninja tell him that it was destroyd. He is shocked but answers: " That explains why i couldn´t find it! Ok new Plan. Lets go back, all the way back to the beginning!

To be continued

Now on to the new stuff
The Ninja Travel through time and end up behind the old Blacksmith shop at the time where Kai meets Master wu for the First Time. [They can´t ecounter theyer time traveling selfs from season two because that timeline was erased] The last spinjitzu master explains to the Ninja how he got here. After Evil loyd took over ninjag he completly destroyd and turnd it in to an apocalyptic waste land. One hundret years after, Acronix and crux crashed with the Iron doom kiling crux in the Process. The Last spinjitzu Master Found the wreck and met acronix who taught him about time travel. Together they used the Blades and the wreck of the Iron doom to creat a special amor for the Dragon of the last Spinjitzu master to alow him to travel throug time. and alter the Past. Without the last time Blade it he cant navigate throug time and has to bounce around hoping for the best.
He and the Ninja are able to optaine the last time blade from the boiling see hoping they will be able to returne it to restore the timline when they changed the future. Even with the timeblade They can only navigate with about a year acurase. So they jump around the timeline trying to Prevent the apocalypse and save loyd.
The Wisp ofcourse won´t let that hapen so he creates a new species calld the time guardians who he sends back to stop the Ninja.

Now its your turn. On the way the Timeline gets messed up resulting in multiple what if realitys. I would be Realy intrested What realitys you guys could come up with. I you are intrested to Particepate in this Project just Build a Moc of your what if reality and Put it under the tag: Ninjago[Edge of Time]

I hope the story is not to confusing to read and a lot of People particepate. I am exited to see waht diffrent People can come up with. A good example would be a what if Kai was the green Ninja ore what if jay didn´t make his last wish in skybound.
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5 months ago
by the way the gray guy next to the dragon is one of the Wisps Minions
5 months ago
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