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Chronicles of Juniper 2.2
Published 2 years ago
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Link to part 2.1 (if you have not read it yet!): https://www.mecabricks.com/en/models/VzvMr0G5aJp


Chronicles of Juniper / Chapter 2: “The Black Manor” / Part 2

“- What a pleasure to be in the Cesspit… mumbled Steven Fern.
- That’s not the brightest neighborhood of Juniper, clearly… said Shooter.
Shadow nodded. The three of them were walking through gloomy streets with low houses in this remote part of the city. It was cold and bleak. There were only a few people in the streets, most of them carrying baskets either empty or filled with whatever they could sell to survive another day.
They stopped at a crossroads.
- Do you guys think we should split? asked Steven.
- Good idea, we’ll cover more ground, agreed Shadow.
- Let’s question as many people as we can and we meet again here in one hour, said Shooter.

None of them was familiar with the Cesspit so they just went in random directions, asking everyone if they had seen an old man in rather rich clothes wandering around or lost. One hour later, they met again.
- Nothing interesting on my side, started Shooter. It seems that people disappearing in this part of the city is not something very unusual.
- Same for me, confirmed Shadow. People say that since a week or so, there are new rumors of missing people every day.
- I guess that you’ve also seen families leaving with the very few things they have, said Steven. They’re afraid for their children, their wives. Even in the middle of the winter, they prefer to run away from here rather than face another night.
- Talking about night, it will be dark quite soon. What should we do? asked Shooter.
- Just put your hands up and we’ll take care of the rest, answered an aggressive voice behind him.

They were surrounded by six scoundrels armed with various rusted weapons. Nothing to be feared, really. Steven, Shadow and Shooter waved their hands to their respective weapons.
- Calm down, guys, said Steven. We’re Adventurers on a mission, we have no money. You’ll get hurt for nothing, trust me.
- He’s right, added Shadow. Leave now or the snow will turn red with your blood.
The scoundrels did not await such fortitude and began to feel doubtful. But the man who seemed to be their leader answered:
- Then we’ll take your fine weapons over your dead bodies!
And with a scream, he launched the attack.

The fight was brief. Shooter had already dropped an arrow before his closer enemy had started to rush towards him. He grabbed his sword to ward off a strike from a second guy, then hit him unconscious with the hilt. At the same time, Shadow was moving so fast that his two opponents were totally puzzled. They tried to strike him clumsily, but he was already in their back, grabbing the first one to throw him on his acolyte; both of them rolled in the snow.
Steven had disarmed his first enemy with a single move and the man was already running away; he was now facing the leader, who stepped back until he felt two blades in his back – Shooter’s sword and Shadow’s dagger.
- We told you not to attack! he said angrily. We’re not here to hurt anyone.
- This was inevitable, confirmed Shooter. Couldn’t you see that you could not win against us?
The scoundrel was miserable, all his members shaking.
- Don’t kill me, please… I am not a professional thief or anything like this, but it is so difficult to survive for us. We’re desperate.
- Isn’t that always the case in the Cesspit? asked Steven
- Not like that, answered the man on his knees. Everyone is turning mad. All these people disappearing… Fear is everywhere. Madness is everywhere. Especially near this black manor which terrifies everyone. The Cesspit is doomed….
- What with this Black Manor? Could it have a link with our missing old man? asked Shadow to his two companions.
- If you’re after someone, answered the scoundrel, forget about him. Leave now before it’s too late.
- We’ve heard enough, said Shooter. You can go. Take your men and try to find something else to do with your life.
- I’m sure you both want to see this black manor, right? asked Steven.

The scoundrel pointed them to the right direction before buzzing off with the two other bandits who had not already vanished in the dusk.
The three Adventurers walked for twenty minutes during which the night felt on Juniper. All the people had gone home to find some warmth and hopefully security, and smokes could be seen on top of the chimneys. A few vagabonds were trying to find a place to spend the night, cold and terrified.

And here it was. On the other side of the street, a black house, taller than the other ones around, darker than the night itself. No light could be seen inside. All the shutters were closed.

- What a strange building, whispered Steven from the ruins of an abandoned house where they had stopped. So dark…
- But the strangest thing with it… said a voice behind them… is that it’s ‘growing’.
They all turned suddenly. Someone was here, and he managed to arrive unnoticed.
- Sorry if I scared you, he said with a smile. My name is Arashi Kaze. I am here to help.
- You did not ‘scare’ us, answered Shadow uptightly. How do you think you can help?
- And why did you say that this manor is ‘growing’? added Steven
- Well, because it is… answered Arashi. I’ve been watching it for the last four days. It is somehow ‘changing’, growing slowly night after night.
- Impossible, mumbled Shooter.
- Quite possible if black magic is involved, answered Arashi.

***End of Chapter 2.2***

I hope you liked it, the next Chapter will come soon.

Links to the characters:
Stealth Shooter, by Lax: https://www.mecabricks.com/en/models/LyjWpoqAvJr
Arashi Kaze, by j2fam77: https://www.mecabricks.com/en/models/KZvmZQRGaG6
Steven Fern, by KnightofElabor: https://www.mecabricks.com/en/models/X8jOVXWL2YJ
Shadow, by atomicfart2009: https://www.mecabricks.com/en/models/r121kbmrvlB
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2 years ago
Nice job on getting featured!
2 years ago
I like how you made the blowing snow just above the ground.
2 years ago
What an ending!
Awesome model!
2 years ago
I'm excited for part 2.3
2 years ago
I totally forgot mines! Is it ok if I finish it really quick?
2 years ago
Dude- I hadn't read the story yet- when ur finished- Try to get this published or somethin!
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