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Among the Stars - Chapter 1: Up in Flames
Published 2 months ago
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This is a follow-up to the prologue, check it out here:

10 years after Order 66...

The rattle of a broken, old thruster echoed through space as ApocalypticTeen flew through a nebula, twisting and turning his old W2P-13 starfighter. When he had first found it, all rusted and abandoned on Lotho Minor it had seemed ghostly, a relic of wars fought long ago. After a lick of paint, and a few illegal modifications, it was ready to go.

"You over there! Pull over for inspection!"

It crackled over the comm, from an Imperial Tie Fighter which must have been patrolling the local smugglers routes.

He couldn't. If he did, they would search him and the ship and realise he was a Jedi. There was no denying it, for he even had dual-wielded lightsabers clipped to his belt.

Telling his faithful astromech to SK-U11 to turn on auto-pilot, he grabbed the joystick that would control the twin, heavy repeating cannons at the front of his ship.

He grinned.

Holding the trigger, he sent great crackling laser beams blasting into space, which the Tie only just managed to avoid, rolling to the side.

They weaved in and out of ships and asteroids for some time, until the Tie pilot reappeared from behind an asteroid, directly facing ApocalypticTeen.

In a desperate move, he slid on his breath mask and goggles, then launched the ejector seat.

Twisting into a somersault, he drew his lightsabers from his belt clip and ignited them-


Like butter he cut through the Tie Fighter, which exploded instantly. Falling to the ground of an astroid he rolled, dodging chunks of metal and machinery.

He looked up just in time, as his ship exploded against the ground, SK-U11 tumbling from the astromech port.

He would have to worry about the droid later, as a group of figures approached...

If you would like to feature in the next part then just re-design your sig-fig to make it more star wars-y, then put it in the comments or PM me. It can be anything, but it must be a good guy!
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2 months ago
Epic first entry!
2 months ago
I would love to be featured! (If that's okay with you) Also, amazing looking ship! Where did you get the design?

2 months ago
Oh, and I am also working on a light fighter if you want to use that.
2 months ago
The design came from my imagination really, i just... improvised.
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