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JSS Excallibur
Published 5 months ago
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The command ship of the JASAF Home Fleet, the Excallibur is a ship trully worth it's role. The ship boasts 16 dual heavy turbolaser turrets, each capable of eliminating smaller corvettes in a single salvo. Complementing these is an array of some 50 smaller dual turbolaser batteries and hundreds of smaller dual purpose and point-defence cannons. The ship also has 16 dual missle launchers, guarding her superstructure and hangars from starfighters and smaller ships alike. The hangar features 2 large portals on the underside of the ship, and houses some 100 starfighters, making the ship act as a fleet carrier as well. And to top it all off, the front end of the ship features two large magnetic accelerator cannons, similar to those found on JASAF's railgun turrets. All of this makes the Excallibur a well-rounded and powerful ship capable of defeating even Imperial star destroyers in one-on-one combat, despite being smaller than the ISD. Only one Excallibur was made.

NOTE: JASAF is a name for the organisation, and JASAF ships have a 'JSS' prefix in front of their names.
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5 months ago
Thanks to RavenProton for the beautifull render
5 months ago
Awesome model and render!
5 months ago
WOW! You really must have put a lot of time into this
Maybe you could try it out on LEGO Ideas?
21 models | 482 views
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