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The Corruption Chapter 5
Published 2 years ago
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...I woke up. My entire body was aching. Everything hurt. I managed to sit up, and when I did, I noticed something. There was this....purple-ish light emitting from somewhere. So, I looked around, then up. That was when I saw it. A rift. The same rift that pulled us into it at that place Me, MM, and L_L met up at. I look behind me, and there they were. Unconscious. I looked at myself. I didn't realize it at first, but I was wearing my Spider-Man jacket. I wasn't wearing this when I went into the portal, though. So many questions, so little answers...Then I heard a voice. I looked up at the portal, and that was when I saw HIM. That....MONSTER. I thought I would never see him again! But...he's there.....I was frightened. I tried to stand up, but I couldn't. So when I looked back up at him, Something hit me.

To be continued in Chapter 6 (i think)

(Aight, so I'm sorry this took so long to publish, but I started working on it, then uh....I kinda forgot about it ;-; I'M SORRY, ok? but now, here it is! Chapter 5 of The Corruption! i have decided who will make Chapter 6, and that is.......LEGOWILDERNESS!
Because he was supposed to make Chapter 5 originally, but then I wanted to throw in a twist, sooo....Yeah. Anyways, Congrast LW, ye get to make Chapter 6. Anywho, Peace out, fools!

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2 years ago
Cool Story and who’s doing chapter 7 and I am the lucky first one to comment on this
2 years ago
Wow! Can't wait to see what LW does!
2 years ago
Wow! Wonderful job, dude! "Peace out, fools!" XD

Can't wait to start making Chapter 6! I'll PM you later for some advice about the storyline.
2 years ago
Neat twist, very twisty!
2 years ago
Awesome! I love where you're going with this!
2 years ago
where is chapter four?you guys need i a tag so can catch up!
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