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Wiz Presents: Disney Classics, Retold
Published 9 months ago
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After seeing those “Olaf Presents” shorts on Disney+, I decided that I’d have a try at covering some of Walt Disney’s older films—fused with the goofy satire I’ve become somewhat known for…


A pale, 14-year-old foster girl—raised by a family of little people—takes free food from a stranger, gets food poisoning and passes out. When she wakes up, she discovers that she’s married to a 30-year-old man. (And yes, that was really their age gap in the original…
)Pedophilia in children’s entertainment…


A cursed doll comes to life, turns into a donkey, and gets eaten by a whale.


An underpaid janitor spends her days talking to mice, sitting on pumpkins and looking for her lost shoe.


A boy of indeterminate age kidnaps a group of children. Using pixie dust, the group floats to a magical island, teeming with pirates, raccoon-boys, and racist depictions of Native Americ—wait, is this the actual plot…?


A young woman—with surprisingly low blood sugar—pricks her finger on a needle and instantly blacks out into a coma. Luckily for her, her fiancé is an EMT, and skillfully revives her using CPR.
(CPR totally saves people from comas—Disney didn’t just make that up…
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9 months ago
BREAKING NEWS: Local farm boy joins ancient cult, destroys high-tech government facility
- Star Wars, A New Hope
9 months ago
Justy -
You could do a model of the Star Wars movies, if you want…
9 months ago
What!! Were is Zootropolis/Zootopia?? That is the classic of all classics!!

That was a very lame way to bring up that film, I am not ashamed
9 months ago
he's only doing the cartoons so I would have to guess that Zoot isn't one.
9 months ago
@Worriz, Furries (just a term I like to call humanoid animals in modern culture, not humans in costumes) live a normal, boring life while a rabbit and a fox track a mafia family and find out that carnivores are forced to take drugs making herbivore citizens racist.
9 months ago
Worriz -
I was just doing the older movies…
The_Farter - True…
9 months ago
These are incredible!
Pinnochio is the best one!
9 months ago
Thanks! (I should’ve added, “and gives young viewers nightmares!”
9 months ago
Fun fact: Tim Burton, (the Man) started out making projects at Disney in the 80’s.
But after they saw his 20-minute, live-action Frankenweenie, Disney said his work was too dark, and fired him. But the test audiences proved otherwise. Burton went to a theater where they were showing his Frankenweenie film, along with Pinocchio.
Children in the audience sat through Frankenweenie calmly, but burst into tears of fear as they watched Pinocchio…
9 months ago
okay i'mma make one up give me a minute.
9 months ago
Awesome! XD
I saw the 'Olaf Presents' things on Disney+, too! They honestly should've added at least one of these in there...
When you shorten down the whole plot to the most significant events, it sounds like something you'd hear from a little kid. XD
9 months ago
Yeah I didn't think of it that way!!
9 months ago
"brave: a whiny princess doesn't want to take her place in the kingdom and fulfill her destiny, show she curses her mother and kills innocent fish, then she goes and curse her brothers and then ends up killing a giant bear."

i know she is a "Pixar Princess" but i wanted to do this one. you can add it if you want...
9 months ago
Hercules, or should I say, Heracles, is a twisted story of the classic myth where the "innocent" child of the strongest Olympian god gets stripped from immortality after he was kidnapped by Hades's minions. He gets visited by the Pegasus, who for some reason, was born on the same date Heracles was born. Hades started releasing monsters because he thought that he can kill a person with super strength with monsters that have weaknesses, and inadvertently made Heracles famous. Hades then releases his family members to overthrow his brother (what a good nephew/grandnephew). Heracles beats up his uncle and sends him into the River Styx to be famous and have a constellation named after him be a good son.
9 months ago
Tails - Yeah!

The_Farter -
I just watched Hercules recently, that about sums it up…
9 months ago
*Clears throat and takes a deep breath* This story is about a bratty 16 year-old who wishes she wasn't a fish. She takes a look at a man for 7 seconds and falls in love with him. She's led to an overgrown octopus and makes a deal with her, making her have legs for 3 days, while trying to make a prince (Who saw her for 7 seconds also) fall in love with her: All without a voice o-o.............. They fall in love, the witch uses a spell, prince falls in love with witch, brat stops them, they have a battle, witch dies, bratty girl is turned into a human forever, they get married, everyone has a happily ever after. The End. *Intense gasp* So... try and guess witch (I mean which) one it is❗
I mean, come on Disney❗Why do all the your movies involve seeing someone for a few moments, then instantly falling in love❓It's pathetic❗*Proceeds to vomit*
I'd rather sit and stare at each other all day❗*24 hours later* got very boring.
Okay❗I'll stop talking now❗If you haven't noticed, I'm the master of ranting
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