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Ninjago Rewrite Announcement
Published 3 weeks ago
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Well, hello everyone!

Since the recent SDCC announcements that the 2023 installment of Ninjago will not be a continuation the way that SotFS was for MotO (great, now I've scared off all the casuals) - well, anyway, since that was revealed I figured I can finally do this project that's been at the back of my mind for a while now.

What if Ninjago?

A.) was planned to last for 15 seasons?
B.) had a larger budget from the beginning?
C.) had a more cohesive and consistent lore?
D.) wasn't tied down by any executive decisions or trends?

These are the rules.

First, overall run time needs to be the same.

Second, every season needs to happen in some way or another. (I can't just cut the Fire Chapter or Prime Empire and replace them with completely original ideas - I can, however, rework the seasons or even reorder them.)

Third, we will need to have a theatrical film - but this time it will be connected to the TV show.

Finally, the last thing I want to say is that I will be repurposing a lot of the extra material like Decoded and the non-canon/unimportant mini-movies into a second season of the Tournament of Elements.

Whew, that was a lot!

Here's what I need from you. What inconsistencies (like True Potentials), plot holes (what happens to their vehicles?), frustrations (CHARACTER DEATH IMPERMANENCE), and missed opportunities (Golden Weapon lore) have you noticed in Ninjago?
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3 weeks ago
Welp, for sure its the lack of use of Airjitzu since Season 8.
@DDG, they used it slightly for like a few seconds in Prime Empire towards the end, I remember this because I rewatched that season the other day.
And I really hope they don’t get rid of our OG ninjas, I mean it would be great following someone or something else for a change but the characters are ones I grew up with and if they were to get rid of them or even forget about them it would be like I’d be losing something I cared much about.
3 weeks ago
The powers were definitely inconsistent. Like... how was Kai able to both blow apart prison bars (that I thought were originally made of vengstone), and explode a huge truck with his fire power? That just seemed too overpowered... and if he could have done that all along, it would have been able to help them out in a few more situations.
Power/skill level consistency was one of the very first things on the list.
2 weeks ago
It seems they'd either be overpowered in one part, and then hardly able to get past an every day crook in the next. I think one of the beautiful things about SoG is that the power and skill level was mroe consistent.
Another thing... what ever happened to the elemental dragons...? They just kinda went... POOF!!!
Also... characters need to be more consistent as well.

Nya: I don't care about giving up my powers if I can be with my friends.

Like two episodes later...


I had a feeling she was going to struggle with that again but-- I expected them to at least wait until the next season or something
... oh well...
Nya’s reaction to losing her powers was extremely dramatic, the ninja have lost their powers on a number of occasions (ToE and Possession to name two times) and they didn’t react as if they were useless. I say, you don’t need elemental powers to be a ninja, I mean the ninja started off without powers. The only thing you need to be a ninja in my book is to be brave and heroic. If your willing to save the Ninjago then your a ninja.
Nya's reliance on her powers is an... interesting arc for her character. That's a good inconsistency I forgot about!

In Season 11, when Zane turned evil, the Ice Dragon Boreal was an elemental creation... but yes. I want to spread out those super-upgrades like True Potential, Spinjitzu Burst, Dragons, etc.

I don't like how the side characters just disappear after their season, never to be seen or mentioned again for a while.

The spontaneous creation and destruction of vehicles is also super convenient. Looks like they might explain it this season, but explaining a contrivance after using it for around 15 seasons isn't proper.
2 weeks ago
Yeah, it's kinda funny how their super high tech rumble tumble vehicles can't survive that long... yet their old wooden ship lasts forever
... nothing against the ship, at all.
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