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100th model HELP!
Published 2 years ago
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Ok, so I'm not trying to glorify myself in the short story thing...
I just made a character (based) off of myself, with some traits that I try to live by.

“You’re fairly young for a leader aren’t you?” The young, yet painfully observant computer operator asked. She was new, or, newer, yet still had a good understanding of common militia practices.

“Yes,” I said from across the table. “I’m young, but apart from me this federation wouldn’t exist. You may not know this, but I started the Greenflame Federation, and built its roots with my own hands. I’ve been the leader from the beginning,”

“And it won’t thrive any other way,” an assuring voice butted in from my left. I turned and smiled to see one of my informants walk into the room, clean cut and smiling like usual.

“Bracket!” I shouted with excitement at the return of one of my most trusted men, shaking his hand firmly.

“I wouldn’t have missed out on all the fun, nor could I just let you take it all.” He said in a joking manner, he had always been lighthearted even in the darkest of hours.

“This is going to be far from fun,” the operator cut in, obviously too nervous to remember her place.

“Jence, he’s just staying positive, he works best that way.” I said with a look that made her looked down in embarrassment, or shame, I couldn’t tell.

“I’m sorry,” she said before turning back to her computer.

“She need confidence,” Bracket said with a hint of pity.

“They all do, that’s why I’m going out on the field with them.”

Bracket smiled, “I knew you would, nothing could keep you from giving energy.”

“You’ed be surprised,” I said with a shake of my head. “The smallest things can keep me at bay.” My own words seemed to betray themselves, and I suddenly pound my fist into the electronic table in front of me, letting out a shaky sigh of emotion.

“Woe there,” Bracket said while grasping my shoulder and urging me into a nearby room. “Man what’s go’n on.”

“I can’t be there for everyone mate, I go to the field and energize the footmen, but there are so many other places with people who need their leader. A loved leader is the heart of the men, I can’t keep everyone motivated. It’s getting at me, and the more it does, the more others see it.”

“Well you’ve done a pretty good job at hiding it from me.”

“You don’t matter, you’re always positive. It’s my men, if they see that I’m losing hope, they will likewise fall.”

“So what do you need me to do?

I stared up at the man who had done so much for me, and was only asking to do more. What we were about to do was all but suicide, and yet it was so important. He was giving everything. “You’ve done enough already Bracket.”

“No I haven’t. I can’t do enough until the job is done, now, what do you need?”

“I’m not sure,” I said, the pains of sorry edged in the tone of my voice.

“I think I know, in a way.”

I looked up at Bracket expectantly, hoping that he was right.

“You’ve been the source of energy for the federation from the beginning. Inspiring your fellow soldiers with your overly goofy and often negatively positive character. However, even the energizer needs to recharge. Greenflame, what energizes you?”

I stopped, cocked my head, and began to think. The question seemed hard at first, and then suddenly the answer hit me like a load of old equipment. “People,” I said with a smile growing on my face.

“People? Well you have plenty of that, there has to be something else.”

“No, no not just any people. I’m an introvert and you know that. I need people that I respect, consider good friends, people who will fight along side of him in such a way that moves me forward.”

“You wan’t more friends on the field?”

“Yes,” I said, and then shook my head in protest. “No, no I don’t. I don’t want to put anyone in harms way.”

“I think, eventually, if you don’t take your stand now, a good deal of your friends will be in harms way. It never hurts to ask.”


Leader 9 stood in the bridge, looking out the massive windows into the space and stars beyond his ship.

“Sir,” a voice came from behind, and so he turned.

“What is it?”

“Greenflame as sent another plead for peace.”

“Let peace work itself out after justice has been done.”

“Sir,” the officer said nervously.

“What is it?”

“If you don’t mind me saying so, I don’t think obliterating Greenflame and whoever else is on that fortified moon of his is justice.”

“Officer, Greenflame is a rogue and will bring turmoil to the galaxy unless he’s destroyed.”

“I believe he had a right to leave us after what we did to him.”

“Keep your mouth shut, one broken promise isn’t excuse enough for someone as ‘helpful’ as him to just leave.”

“Very well then. So we will continue forward?”

“Don’t ask foolish questions, and don’t be surprised if you find yourself demoted after all this is over. That is, unless you manage to do something especially helpful during this mission.”

The officer nodded. He couldn’t afford losing his position, no matter what it cost. If it meant serving what to him seemed like injustice, then so be it.”

The End

No! I’m not writing another story
but wanted to put this in story form. You see, I will soon reach my 100th model… this one is #90. I’ve wanted to do something BIG… really big and impressive for #100. And so, I decided to build what started my LEGO building… or at least what started my “master building”. A military base built into the jungles and cliffs of some sci-fi planet/moon. It’s going to be big, and bad, and under attack. Not only am I going to make this, but I’m asking y’all to help. I want y’all to choose… will you join my federation in a desperate attempt to defend the small moon of Sortsa? Or will you team up with Leader 9 and his Galactic Intelligence Militia in order to utterly wipe the ‘rogue’ and his scandals rebels off the face of history?

How to join? Please make 1 figure (based off of yourself) that will either side with Greenflame (me) or Leader 9.

Rules. I know that Guitarman2 and O011 will hate me for this… but no merging pieces
This is a MOC, and a properly built one. I wan’t all the figures to be built ‘properly’. Sorry about that
Also, please keep your ‘uniform’ colors similar to the figures above.

Dark Blue = Greenflame

Dark Red = Leader 9

Thanks for reading!
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2 years ago
Awesome! It will be hard without my dear friend clipping, but I'll make one.
2 years ago
N... no.... no... no cl..... NO CLIPPING?! Jk jk, I can do without clipping *shoves face into pillow and yells at self for getting to used to clipping*
I can make one! Sooooooo, you are a rebel?
2 years ago
i'll make one! you should have it by Sunday at the latest

(also, that was a pretty good story XD)
2 years ago
(oh yea, i'd like to be on team Greenflame)
2 years ago
Team greeny boi all the way
2 years ago
Btw I’m gonna be with the mean green fighting machine
2 years ago
Here have fun bye
2 years ago
2 years ago
It’s not workin!
2 years ago
Wait... how do I have more models than YOU...?
2 years ago
@(as my computer pronounces it)Gittermen2 Thanks, and yeah, sorry
but I wan't it look'n 'right'...

@NINJACATZ I know... I know... no clipp'n... *sniff* such an amazing function... yet sadly... one I can't allow for this build. Thanks anyways... oh, and in my mind I'm not really a 'rebel'... but Leader 9 would consider me one. There is kinda a backstory to it.

@KoE Thanks so much, and thanks so much!

@Ninjacatz You can pose them, just as long as you have a (non-posed) version on the side. Like how O011 does his

@Chuck... YEAH! Thanks a lot
2 years ago
@CHUCK Ida know...
have you been on longer?
2 years ago
No actually I came in early june
2 years ago
@Chuck... huh... I don't know
I do know I've made some 'larger' models... so maybe I've just spent more time on some of my projects... *shrugs* oh well
2 years ago
I'll join this whenever I get the chance. One question: Are we allowed to appear as ourselves? Or do we have to make up new characters?

Okay, two questions: Can I make a person for Leader Nine, and Greenflame?
2 years ago
@O011 Yes, you must appear as yourself (too some degree)... that being said, you can only make one figure...
sorry what you did was great though
2 years ago
I think I might just do this... lemme try tomorrow, when I have a bit more time, and please remind me in PM! I have notorious way of forgetting things
2 years ago
Our new computer is a refurbished 2005 emachines, so it's very laggy xD
I'm not doing a lot of large models lately, so please forgive me if my MOC is very small.
2 years ago
@LW Oh, you don't have to do a MOC, I'm just asking for figures to put in my MOC/100th model
Anyways thanks
2 years ago
I'll make one if I remember
2 years ago
@BatDog Great!

thanks man
2 years ago
@ThePrez(ButNotForLong) You're welcome
2 years ago
Awesome, I’ll make something!
2 years ago
Ok, i'm on this and i have this idea of choosing sides is similar to Star Wars? (i have know idea bout SW)
Seeya at the rebel base! ( Only cause i like blue better than red)
2 years ago
By the way is merging where you place a neckscarf with a hood piece ?
2 years ago
BTW, thats for example
2 years ago
@CarTuner Thanks so much
and yes, thats merging. Placing two or more pieces together in a way that they would not naturally fit.
2 years ago
Well, I made one, but it's pretty low effort and kinda meh. I just need to publish it
2 years ago
@ Greenflame OK thx! i thought so...
2 years ago
i will make 1. but can i make it on the red side and if i do can it be bright red instead of dark red because i like bright red better
2 years ago
@1CoA Yes you can join
though, I'd prefer if you kept it dark red... sorry... its just how I want things
2 years ago
Sorry I didn’t put the like here (I guess I forgot to put it here)
2 years ago
Too many people seemed to be sided w/ you so I decided to go against you. Lol
1 year ago
I’m in on this build.
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