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Living Destiny Ch5
Published 2 months ago
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—Chapter 5—
I was eating lunch at Chick-fil-A. It was a corder past 12 and I still haven’t seen my sister. I’m writing this down in my journal right now and I’m beginning to get suspicious. “Hey, Jade.” I heard, making me leave my thoughts. I turned around to see Mark “Oh, hi Mark!” I replied “You eating here too?” I added “Yeah. I was just going to get something to-go when I saw you. Mind if I sit here?” Mark asked, referring to a seat across from mine “No, go ahead” I said. He then sat down in the chair with a sandwich, fries, and a large drink on a tray. I put my journal in my backpack that was hanging off of my chair and zipped it up. After we ate our lunch Mark and I got up from the table and walked outside. “I’ll see you later.” Mark said. I nodded “Ok, I’ll see you at S.H.I.E.L.D.” Mark walked away. “Hmm...someone likes you” I turned around. “Ahh! April don’t do that!” I yelled. April was wearing a Veggie Tales t-shirt and jeans, also slurping a smoothie “Oh sorry.” April replied “And we’re just friends.” I said “Mmhmm.” April replied, grinning “How did you find me anyway?” I asked changing the subject “I have my ways...” said April strangely. She just stood there, staring, without blinking at all “Ok...” I started “Am I freaking you out?” April asked “Um...sure?” I said, not knowing what to say “Really?! Oh I’m gonna do it on the other agents! If it freaked you out it’d freak them out!” she said with excitement. BOOM!! I heard loud explosion. April dropped her cup. I looked to my right, in which the sound came from. A build was set in flames and smoke was flowing out the widows. Sirens went off and citizens screamed and started running away to shelter “Uhh should we be concerned about that?“ April asked “Yes we should! Call the rest of the team and make sure they tell S.H.I.E.L.D.!” I yelled. Without waiting for a response, I ran to the burning building. I am not really sure what I’m going to do, I’m still going to try and help. Police and ambulance and fire trucks all went towards the burning building. As I was almost there, my phone rang. I grabbed it out of my pocket “Jade, it’s Mark. There’s a burning building and-“ Mark started to say before I cut him off “Yeah I know. I’m on my way. Where are you?” “South entrance. Police are blocking citizens from going in. We’re going to need our suits.” Mark replied “Ok” I said then hung up. I went in an alleyway and put my suit on over my other clothes. After that, I made my way to the building.
In the middle of writing chapter 6. Mark (Power electric) is the one with black hair in the cover a Jade is the one with blonde hair (in cover). Lisa (Brown hair, fire power) and Jade (Power is Light) are twins and August (Dark brown hair, no power. But is the smartest of the group.) and April (Dark brown hair like her brother, power gravity) are siblings, they were orphans until they ran away at age 13; later ending up at S.H.I.E.L.D.
BlackMind is/was the villain in season 1 of my story. He is Jade and Lisa’s uncle. Jade, Mark, August, April, and Lisa’s ages are around 15-18. S1 was called Abandoned™️. If you wish for me to share Season 1, let me know. I’d appreciate it if no one try’s to copy this. I spend a lot of time writing this. I did post S1 on LEGO Life (HappiestMintyMug).
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2 months ago
Do you know LeastFitAstronaut’s name on Meca bricks?
2 months ago
Hiya! No, I don’t know. I’ll have to ask her if she has an account on here and what her username is.
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