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Convergent-Class Star Destroyer
Published 1 year ago
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The governing board of Kuat Drive Yards joined the New Republic with little enthusiasm after the battle of Jakku. So when the company was approached to design a 'New Class' ship for the fledgeling Republic's navy, their compliance was frosty at best and downright frustrating at worst.

The brief for the Convergent-Class Battle Carrier was a centrepiece ship, able to serve as a multi-role task force co-ordinator and a fill a more versatile role than the capital ship brawler that was the Nadiri Starhawk, the Republic's only other heavy warship. However, KDY had cut substantial corners, and the prototype did not impress navy officials. Despite 'being a downsized prototype' and 'size isn't everything, the Convergent was barely the length of an ISD, and choc full of design flaws. The ship's armament was oversized and slow-firing, and the luxurious forward hangar system was powered by its own, frighteningly-exposed reactor.

While the Convergent would eventually be rendered a functional warship, it was almost a decade behind schedule and largely overshadowed by newer and larger Mon Calamari star cruisers. However, the Convergent would leave a greater and much darker legacy than expected, as many of the design documents and technical research would be leaked to Kuat-Entrella subsidiaries and ex-imperial loyalists, where it would be used in the design of the First Order's Resurgent-class battlecruiser.

(Another Lockdown Build: Original version right, fully realised model left. Renders available at https://imgur.com/a/oat27tf )
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1 year ago
cool moc!

you're that guy who built the cool new republic star destroyers right
1 year ago
@l_e_g_o Aye, that is me. I'm glad you like my latest one, which is finally built fully from the ground up unlike the other star destroyers (Which were retrofits).
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