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6454-1: Countdown Corner
Published 6 months ago
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The inventory is ~97% accurate; I used four MOC-assemblies to complete the build:

>> [MOC] Part 30351c01 (32 parts) + [MOC] Part 30354 (6p) to replace the battery box and rocket nozzles inside the "Tail Section" of the "Saturn I,"

>> 2x [MOC] Parts 30211 (10p) in both "Arms" of the "Launchpad" (in place of Insectoid small support legs),

>> [MOC] Connector (14 pieces) in the "Astronaut" cabin—it was a bit tricky to come up with a "legal" and physically-correct connection in the absence of #6061 Brick, so I ended up using two consoles (on rigid hoses as axles) turned 90°.

Besides that, it was just decorative parts.


Stickers (sheet 1): https://www.bricklink.com/v2/catalog/catalogitem.page?P=6454stk01& + (sheet 2): https://www.bricklink.com/v2/catalog/catalogitem.page?P=6454stk02&

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This set no. 6454 'Countdown Corner,' also known as 'Space Port Saturn I,' came out in 1999, and it was the third-largest model in a newly-launched Town subtheme "Space Port."

"Space Port" was the second theme in Lego Town depicting a civilian space mission, following the "Launch Command" series in 1995-'97 (which was marketed as "Spaceport" on the British market—written as one word, as opposed to the new brand). Before that, a few individual shuttle-themed Lego models came out in the early nineties, such as set no. 1682 'Space Shuttle' in 1990 (sporting real NASA emblems and USA flags), or the 'Shuttle Launching Crew' no. 6346 released in 1992 as part of the Town's "Flight" subtheme.

The renovated "Space Port" featured an expanded line-up of models, a slightly restyled fictional logo for Lego's space agency, and new artworks, including a full line of minifig's uniforms (from ground crew technicians to astronauts).

Clocking at 133 parts, the 'Countdown Corner' used the same custom "Light & Sound" battery box as the headliner 'Mission Control' set, with three buttons activating pre-recorded sounds and illuminating red transparent nozzles.

The Saturn I rocket has a modular structure similar to the Space Port Shuttle, but it uses two different connectors types. The astronaut's cabin comes with two Technic pegs on the bottom but has a 2x4x2 Brick with Holes (a Lego part #6061 missing on Mecabricks) at the top, so the Nose Section with two solar panels attaches with a "knob stone" 2x4x2 Brick #2434.

Apart from the Saturn I, the set includes a tiny Launchpad, a Meteor, and an Astronaut wearing a standard space helmet. Even a bit of playability is designed, as pulling the "arms" on the launching pad actually pushes the rocket upwards.

This build might not be as impressive as the 'Mission Control,' but it was still a nice touch for Lego to include a more affordable set with "Light & Sound" and a full-sized spacecraft with a launchpad.

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1 month ago
well i used to have this when i was little kid but i kinda lost some parts
156 models | 6.1k views
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