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#300! The Training Room
Published 1 week ago
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So uh, I was gonna do something different, but I had the idea so, here is My Training Room! And my 300th model!

And now some special thanks:

Operator011: Ah yes, the OP War robots fan, always fun to hang out with! On Mecabricks, or on discord, an amazing renderer too! You keep that essences of fun and maturity, all in one, god bless!

Greenflame24: Oh boy, you’re a humorous Individual! You also are an amazing writer, no matter how much you deny it! God bless!

Jaze_Dragon: You make some killer custom prints! And just a amazing friend all together! God bless!

LaxCustomCloneStudios/Lax_Swag5: Ah yes, Laxitive boy... JK!
A great Lacrosse and Baseball player! God bless!

KnightOfElabor: ( + g + )... JK, you are a great story teller and overall great friend! But I will never forgive you for Spider-Witch...
God Bless!

More Shoutouts

SnapStudio: You make some great MOCs!
OutLawious: You are a Great friend, keep it up!
Lego_Tron: Even though you are gay, god still loves you! Keep up the great MOCs!
Dragon_Rider06: You are a great writer! Keep writing your great stories!
G-man: Master clipper! Keep up the great clones!
Ian_The_Fish: Thanks for repeatedly keeping me out of the election, G-man clone...

That’s All! (I think?). Please tell me if I forgot you! God bless and Stay Bright! -ChuckZillaTime
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1 week ago
Awesome, Chuck! And thanks. You have no idea how widely I smiled when I saw my name.
1 week ago
Wow, poor Random Dude, I don't think he's suited for this stuff!
Anyway, great model!
Thanks for the shout-out!
1 week ago
@Cake: Thanks!

@D_R: Thanks!

And your welcome!
1 week ago
Thanks for the shoutout!

May Random Dude's poor soul rest in peace. No, not peace, peas. Rest in peas. (Op will get that)
1 week ago
Congrats, Chuck! Thanks for the shoutout!
I suppose I may be great at either sport.
1 week ago
Operator: You play War Robots!? I love the game!
1 week ago
After about a week my announcement it’s still on suggested. How? XD
1 week ago
Thanks for the shoutout! That made my day. Also, congratulations on 300 models!
1 week ago
Y’know, Chuck, I don’t think that you’re supposed to use a real sword against an unarmed student when training them
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