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Medieval Horse Stable
Published 1 year ago
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I love the Medieval Blacksmith - I think it's going to be one of my favourite sets of 2021, and it could be a great starting point for a medieval village. I do have myself some ideas for several builds, but I wanted to warm up with something quite small and simple - a stable, so the knights' horses could rest.

It features two stalls with hay and a water trough in each stall. The roof can be easily removed to access the interior.
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1 year ago
Is it worth buying the Medieval Blacksmith? I own a good number of Ideas sets and I am still deciding if I get this one. Probably not so much for Mecabricks as I don't think there are any special parts but more as a cool set to build and enjoy.
1 year ago
I love the style! Nice shaping of the roof beams.
1 year ago
@Scrubs : It depends on what kind of sets you like. I have a soft spot for middle-age-inspired models, and I prefer civilian buildings over castles, so I was really hyped when this one was announced, and the official set didn't disappoint (whereas I didn't get the Barracuda Bay and I don't think I'll get it, because I have no nostalgia for the old Pirates theme and while the set seems excellent, I would have preferred a real fortress, like the original submission).

If I were to compare it with another Ideas set, I could say it's similar to the Old Fishing Store, but better. It's more interesting visually (more colourful, and with more interesting architectural features, more details on the outside), and the inside has a better layout, with more furniture and actual room for the characters to move inside. In that aspect it's a bit like the medieval version of a Modular Building. The building process is rather straightforward, the most clever bit is the way the roof is built.

@InterBrick : Thanks ! I got really lucky to get the different sections of the roof (the structure, the panels that hold the tiles, and the frames on each end) to line up so well.
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