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Legacy of the Lord-Saber FINALE! Happy May 4th!
Published 2 months ago
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May the 4th be with you all!
Enjoy the finale of my second book in Star Wars: The Lord-Saber Saga!

Previously on Legacy of the Lord-Saber: The epic final battle has begun, but all three Unlikely Jedi have been seriously injured by Darth Manta.

Chapter 35

“WILLA! NO!” Swo screamed as he struggled to scramble over to her. Snow, lava, sand, and rock fell behind him as he sat up, and he tried his best to keep it from burning him.
Manta picked up the Lord-Saber blade that Willa had been wielding. He grinned evilly as it turned red and sparks fell out of the former silver hilt, which had turned black when it connected in between the two other blades. A collection of colorful sparks shot from the three bladed Lord-Saber and up his arm. “Yes! YES!”
Swo was torn now. The only thing on his mind was how Willa lied there on the stone. So cold and lifeless. But if he didn’t stop the Sith… The hardest decision he’d ever made was made right there in that collapsing cave.
Darth Manta was too busy staring with glowing red eyes at his new Saber to pay any attention to Swo when he lunged at him and ripped the blades right out of his grasp. But it was so heavy, and it burned like the heat of a sun, that he dropped it just when the light blades flashed orange.
Swo gasped and held his blackened, charred hand in his other one. He fell to his knees as multicolored lightning wrapped around his body, electrifying him over and over again. He finally passed out and Manta looked down at him with a scowl.
“Pathetic,” the Sith muttered, picking up the Lord-Saber without issue, and kicking Swo so hard that he crashed back against the wall he had just gotten up from.
Darth Manta looked around the cave, seeing every Jedi lying on the floor. He readied himself for another to come, but they didn’t. “Strange,” he said to himself. “I expected more of a fight than what I got. No matter, though.” He stroked the black hilt of his new tri-blade. “My master will be pleased with his apprentice. Well, not when I strike him down and become Supreme Leader, but Snoke will never know it,” Manta laughed, slicing the first blade through a large stalactite, cutting it cleanly in half. “Until it’s too late!”
As Manta turned and began to walk over the lava out of the hole he had came through to get there, a transparent person materialized on the spot the Sith had just left. After scanning the room with his sad eyes, the ghost turned to Kol’s broken form and walked to it. A very familiar Voice came from his mouth as he spoke to Kol, “Get up! You still have time to make this right!”
But Kol was dead. It seemed like there was no hope, however the ghost placed his transparent hand in Kol’s snapped neck. He straightened it and mended the damage, bringing life back into his padawan.
When the young Jedi woke, he saw for only a split second the ghost of his former master. “Master Lynx?” he croaked out, but the vision was gone in a flash of blue. Even though he wasn’t sure exactly what he saw, Kol knew now that The Voice he’d been hearing was from his old master, his father-figure.
He stood up and immediately saw Willa and Swo lying on the floor. “No. Please don’t be…” he bent down over Swo first and felt on his wrist a strong, erratic pulse. Willa made Kol afraid, though, because of the large pool of blood underneath her, and a leg that was not connected to her body. He felt her wrist and gasped when he got a faint beating. “Thank The Maker,” he mumbled, dropping her hand.
An indescribable pull made him turn away from his friends. There was Darth Manta. Carrying the Lord-Saber.
Kol stood and walked with purpose toward the evil man. “I can’t let you leave,” he said, but his voice was raspy from just being repaired.
Manta turned around, still floating above the lava, and looked at Kol with surprise. “I assumed you were dead.”
“Well, I’m not.” Kol got in a fighting stance, pulling out his Saber, which was pitiful compared to the Lord-Saber.
With a short laugh, Manta jumped from the lava and stood in front of Kol. “This will be fun.”
Taking in deep breaths, Kol had to remind himself that if something happened, he wouldn’t have any backup. He would have be enough. With a lunge and twirl of their blades, the duel began.
Manta swiped viciously at Kol with the three red blades, so Kol was just playing defense at the moment, blocking every strike with his blue saber that felt like it would give out.
“You are weak compared to me!” Manta hissed when their blades met and he pushed Kol down as far as he could go without collapsing on the floor.
Kol pushed so hard against Manta’s attacks that his arms felt like they would fall off. “Then it’s a good thing I’m not one for comparing.” He used his legs to rise up and push the Saber away from him.
Manta was so shocked that he slipped and his blades fell to the floor, cutting into the rock and slicing straight down. “How is this possible?!” He struggled to lift the Lord-Saber from the ground. “It’s so… heavy…”
“It’s because you’re letting the fear in,” said Kol, standing over the Sith. “First rule in Jedi school. Don’t do that.”
Darth Manta picked up the Saber and managed to raise it high enough to take a swipe at Kol, but he blocked it with his own easily. “I’ll take that.” He grabbed the Lord-Saber hilt and yanked it out of Manta’s grip.
Well done, apprentice, Came Lynx’s Voice. Now you can destroy the Saber and all of this hate can come to an end.
But although the blades flashed blue, they didn’t completely turn that color. They stayed red even in Kol’s grasp. “No, master. I don’t think I will.” He turned the Sabe upside down and stabbed the first blade into Manta’s cowering form. “Pathetic.” And with that, he shut out The Voice of Lynx and walked across the lava to Manta’s ship. Leaving behind his friends, he didn’t care.
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2 months ago
I don't have words to describe what I'm feeling right now
2 months ago
Oh and happy May 4th (This happens to be my first May 4th as a SW fan)
2 months ago

That’s cool! I’ve always been a Star Wars fan ever since I was little, so yeah
2 months ago
finished moon knight
watched sonic 2
now THIS
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