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Me as a Lawyer
Published 5 months ago
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Nansbrick got suspended from Lego Ideas, so I'm gonna help a friend out and be his lawyer for court.
I even brushed my hair, something that I try to do avoid doing at all costs.
Don't worry Nansbrick, you have never been in better hands! The law is on your side, and I have never lost a case.
Nor have I ever won one.
This is my first. ¯_smiling cat face with open mouth_/¯
How hard could it be?
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5 months ago
Using my own dang trick against me, nice.
5 months ago
Nice job. I think I need to make on of these... Muh hahahahahahaha!!!!
5 months ago
Thanks AB! I'm sure Nansbrick would appreciate having two lawyers!
5 months ago
Wow, you look sophisticated. Not many lawyers have a perfect record, (Btw I love that cat emoji!) What could you possibly need a jet pack for in court?!

Also, those tags seem slightly irrelevant, although I do like hot chocolate too...
5 months ago
Thanks! The jet pack is for quick escapes if I ever lose a case, because 'ya never know what my clients might do to me if I fail.
And the hoe chocolate tags are the most relevant of all of them. Did you go to the editor?
5 months ago
I think all lawyers should have one.
5 months ago
Thanks BrickBot2.0! I'll tell you something in the private conversation, so check that out in like a minute or two.
5 months ago
Brickbot Wayne in his casual outfit....

But by night, he is...the BRICKMAN!!!! Protector of Botham City
5 months ago
Is it the chocolate in the case?
5 months ago
Yep MM! I you turn it slightly Xforce you can see the outline of it without going into the editor.
5 months ago
I SAW IT FIRST. I was filming a render of this minifigure. (I don't remember why I didn't keep the video, I think it had to much background noise.) Anyway... I SAW IT!!!!!!! DA CHOCOLATE!!!!!!!!!
5 months ago
@Nansbrick: You're welcome!
@TheCalcMan: XD
@AwesomeBrick: Good job, you found it!

@ApocalypticBrick: Good job, you found it first!

@Everyone else: XD
4 months ago
Before the look I currently use on this site, I made me but i had a president business suit!
this reminded me of that!
4 months ago
Cool! Too bad Mecabricks doesn't have his helmet or cape.
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