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Farewell - At Least For A Little While
Published 1 month ago
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Hello, my burrahobbits!

Guys---- *AHEM* ----burrahobbits, this has literally been the most welcoming, accepting community I've ever been in, and I'd like to thank you all for being here when I've needed it, and for giving me some of the best times I've ever had.

As the title states, I will be leaving for a little while, until the summer or so, when I don't have so much schoolwork, and I get more sleep

The latter is quite unlikely...

I need to get closer to God, as well. I'm taking a break from almost everything, nowadays, and my spiritual life is honestly getting much, much better. I've realized that I hadn't been spending as much time with God as I would have liked, and now is the time to change that.

I'll still be checking in once a week or so; just PM me if you ever want to talk (my replies may be a little late, though
). I won't be working on any more models during this period, but I might render the odd minifig, or something like that - who knows

This will definitely give me some time to finish Armageddon, and The Christmas Guest, and work on my book a little bit.

I love ya all, each and every one

God Bless,

Signing off,

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1 month ago
We'll miss you! (At least I'll miss you
1 month ago
We'll miss you but I completely understand the need to stop. I will patiently await your return to the wide world of Mecabricks!
(Watch, there's going to be a major overhaul to the system while we're both gone.)
1 month ago
Farewell dear brother. Until our next meeting. . .
1 month ago
, yeah, that's probably not the response you'ed expect out of me... but... I feel like giving that response... NOOOOOOOOOO! LW YOU CAN'T DO THIS!!!! THAT'S, THAT'S--

*coughing from back of the room*

Me: Random dude! I'm trying to convince this man here to stay, and you ain't going to be helping AT ALL!!!!!

Random dude: Bro, he ain't leave'n for good. Did you read his description?

Me: Um, well... um... hey Random dude?

Random dude: What?

Me: Um, InnerWritingWorm has gotten into your Skittle collection...


Me: That should deal with him...

Anyways, In all seriousness, I completely understand. I could potentially see myself doing this some time... which would be hard... but probably worth it. Anyways, I shall await your return!
1 month ago
Bro, you're a wise man. And you will definitely be missed.

I look forward to the "Return of the King"!

Had to throw that in there.
1 month ago
Farewell LW! I shall be eagerly (it took me five tries to spell that) awaiting your return!
1 month ago
You know that we can't access your page right D-R?
1 month ago
I just PMd her that a few minutes ago
1 month ago
Thank ya buddy!

I'll definitely try to make another rule where you can't talk to me until you complete a certain task. Sound good?
I guess I'm leaving at the right time, then

Farewell, my little bro

@Mr. Green
Decide now, your fate awaits you. How about somewhere in between? Like...

Thank ya!

Thank you bro, I really appreciate it

Eagerly? Eagerly?? Five tries?
Oh well, we can't all be like me...

Thank you so much

D-R... her page is gone???? Oh no. Fading away into cyberSPACE, eh, Greenie?
1 month ago
You're welcome, my good friend.
1 month ago
@LW I have no idea what that means... and WHAT!!!!! YOUR TAGS!!!!!
1 month ago
i just read tags; please tell me you don't have Covid
1 month ago
It's a joke from a story @Greenflame24 is writing.
1 month ago
@Lax I am talking to LW not Greenie
1 month ago
Ima go play minecraft bye
1 month ago
I know that. cyberSPACE is a story @Greenflame24 is writing, and LW was making a joke about it.
1 month ago
Lax, I can certainly answer for myself, as well as many others on Mecabricks.
1 month ago
I mean, you said you're leaving...
1 month ago
We can still answer questions directed to us if we feel the need to.
: )
1 month ago
I have two things to say: "Good for you," and "We'll impatiently eagerly await your return!"
1 month ago
“Well, here at last, dear friends, on the shores of the Sea comes the end of our fellowship in Middle-earth. Go in peace! I will not say: do not weep; for not all tears are an evil.”
4 weeks ago
So is this the real LW? And if so, why is someone named after him??
4 weeks ago
I just explained it to you.
4 weeks ago
I see that now, but as my account has never worked the same since I disabled it (turned it intentionally into a 404), I do not get notifications for new builds. I have to manually check builds.
4 weeks ago
LegoWilderness = Real Greenflame24
Greenflame_24 = Real LegoWilderness
Greeenflame24 = a big fraud
4 weeks ago
I know who @Greenflame24 really is.
3 weeks ago
The names are confusing me. Are you the real Lax_Swag? For a while.
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