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cyberSPACE chapter 1
Published 2 months ago
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Ok... here... we... oh well will you look at that!

My eyes slowly opened, and then closed again. I breathed heavily, and things seemed to almost vibrate. I also heard noises, faint noises, and once more lifted my eyelids. My vision started to clear, and soon my surroundings became visible. The room was white, or whitish, and the ceiling above me was smooth and well constructed. Suddenly I jumped, but leaned back. I was surrounded by tubes and wires.

“Help,” I groaned through the clear oxygen mask which was strapped over my mouth.

“You’re alive!” A new voice shouted as something green moved closer towards me.

I turned my head slightly to see a cool looking young fellow, probably a few years younger than myself, sitting in a swivel chair on wheels. Rolling closer he looked at me, unstrapping the mask.

“I didn’t know if you’ed make it Greenflame, but the past few days have looked extremely positive.”

“Um,” my memory was fuzzy.

“The names Catz, NINJACATZ. However, you can just call me, well man I already said,” he laughed, and continued. “You can call me Catz.”

“What happened,” I asked while blinking, my vision was starting to leave again. Catz seemed to notice this, and messed with some kinda control console. A hum began to sound, and I felt something began to strengthen me.

“Ok, so you killed yourself. Well, almost. I found you, and told the others. Right now I’m reviving you.”

Things suddenly flooded back into my mind, and my heart leapt.

“What of my sister, Roo, is she—”

“She’s still captured, but we are following. For some reason her captors have just been flying in circles out in space. We don’t know what’s been going on. That’s why we were able to prepare ourselves fore over five months before leaving. Oh, yeah, we’ve left now. Your aboard the mighty Melting Back! Our ship.”

“Is it big?” I asked, not completely sure what else to say.

“You bet. It holds twelve fighters, a whole armory, two transport ships, five weapon rooms, eight bunkers, three bridges, six hundred sharp cannons—”

“Ok, I think I get the picture.” I tried to smile while interrupting, but I genuinely wasn’t feeling the greatest. “So Catz, tell me about yourself and what’s going on with me.”

“Oh, ok. So I was captured just like y’all. Most of us Mecabricks users were sent home by Operator and Lego_Lover, but some of us, like me, insisted on staying. LL tried to convince us all to go, but we wouldn’t have any of it. Well, I mean some of us just ran off before LL could say anything, while I just stayed committed to help, along with two others. Sorta, I guess.”

“So are they causing trouble?”

“The other users? Not that we know of, most of them just wanted to explore, and actually left without us knowing. No problem really, except that they don’t know how to get back.” A confused look crossed his face.

“So you stayed to help find my sister?”

“Yup, you guys saved my life, I think. I wanted to help y’all anyway I could.”

I smiled, he seemed like a nice fellow. However, my other question still remained unanswered.

“So what’s going on with me?”

“Oh,” he said, looking much more serious now. “Well pretty much you’re dieing.”

“I can kinda see that, but aren’t you reviving me?”

“Well I’m trying too. You see, you severed your heart pretty good—”

“What!” I exclaimed in worry. I had severed my heart, and was still alive. But how, and how could I recover?

“Well, more like you damaged your heart. This whole system is keeping you alive, but I’m working on something more compact, and it’s actually almost finished. An Arc Reactor!”

I looked at him in disbelief.

“So, Mr. Catz. When will I be able to live without this reactor?”

“Um well,” he looked more serous again, and I readied myself for the news I didn’t want to hear. “Greenflame24, sir. I don’t think you will ever be able to live without the reactor.”

I closed my eyes as a million thoughts flew through my mind. Was the damage only digital, or would it effect my life in the real world? If it did effect my real life, would the reactor be transmitted back into real life? If not would earth’s technology be able to create such a device?

When I opened my eyes Catz was gone. I’d been so zoned out I hadn’t noticed anything. Actually, as I thought about it, I had fallen asleep. He must have left while I was snoozing. The lights were dimmed, and the only sound was a faint hum and an occasional beep. I had nothing to do, except think.


They all sat in the Melting Back’s main quarters, discussing. Lego_Lover, as the head of the group, was sitting at the end of the large table in an important looking chair, while everyone else sat in less important looking chairs. The newer members, NINJACATZ, Fireblade, and Pyrokineticninjamaster (who usually just went by Pyro), sat at the other end, in even less important looking chairs. It had been a prank by RickardCinema. He’d been asked, or more assigned, to construct this room, and was in a humorous mood when doing so. LL was the only one who actually appreciated the prank, but all this is beside the point. JCreations had called an, “all but urgent meeting”.

“Really,” he was saying. “I was at first disturbed when I noticed it, but then I was intrigued. Greenflame has something in his blood that’s unnatural.”

“Probably plastic,” SnapStudios added, meaning it as a joke.

“No, no it’s not that. It’s something the computers couldn’t fully detect. They were unfamiliar with the substance. And—”

MrBrick sneezed, upsetting the speech.

“Sorry bro,” he said while pulling out a handkerchief.

“No problem, cold space getting to you?”

“No, it’s just the temperature.”

JC looked at him with an awkward expression, but shook it off and continued.

“As I was going to say, Greenflame is flammable.”

“Me too!” Pyro shouted with a clap of his hands.

“Shush, rookies don’t speak unless they are spoken to.”

“Since when was that a rule?” LL asked.

“Ok, forget that point, but really. It’s not that he’s flammable, we all are to some degree, but it’s that he’s highly flammable. Well, his blood is.”

“Okay,” Operator whispered with a scratch of his head. “Never heard of something like that before.”

“Which is why I called this meeting. In my opinion, being in Mecabricks might have given us more ability than we think. I suggest we all get a blood test.”

The room was silent, a few mouths were slightly open, as if in preparation to say something, but nothing was said. Suddenly, a sliding door opened.

“Hello everyone!” D_R said in a slightly more cheery tone than usual. She had previously lost a small tournament, and as the looser had to go and retrieve forgotten supplies. “Guess who I ran into while out and about?”

“Benedict Arnold?” Snap asked without a bit of poetry, of course nobody noticed that he said it this way, because it wouldn’t have crossed anyone’s mind that he would have done otherwise.

“Of course I did!” D_R said with a roll of her eyes. “Actually not. Come out my fellow burhobbit!”

I cannot fully describe to you the reaction that took place when LegoWilderness walked into the room. LL blinked several times, MrBrick’s mouth seamed to drop to the table, mancontro2012 almost pulled his beard out, and I was laying down in the bed playing with a small rubber ring. It had been used to hold a couple wires together, so as to keep things orderly, but, in my state of boredom, I had turned it into an entertainment device. Literally, you could stretch it, squish it, stick it on your claw like hands, twist it, and lots more. It was quite fun, at least for someone who was bed bound for hours. I was currently stretching it, a small smile written across my face, when it shot forward like a rubber band, hit the ground, and rolled towards the door. My smile vanished, and I blink several times while taking it the horror of what had just happened. There it was, just sitting, doing absolutely nothing. I sighed in frustration and disappointment as my gaze all but permanently rested upon the once beloved object. It was back to waiting.

Back in the main quarters, where we were originally, LegoWilderness was receiving a warm welcome.

“I didn’t see you in all the mess that took place formerly, like, were you ever captured?” Operator asked.

“No, I didn’t. You see, I ended up in the Minecraft section of this metropolis, and realized that I needed to find shelter for the night. I ended up digging a hole in the side of a nearby mountain, finding a cave, getting lost, and being saved by skeletons.”

“Wait,” LL said in a cough. “Skeletons saved you?”

“Yeah, you see, those red and black dudes had been tracking me through the cave, trying to find me, but ended up getting shot by skeletons and falling into lava. I had trapped myself for a good long while. Those bleached bone-men didn’t really want to leave their position for quite some time, and my pickaxe had busted. In the end I escaped, and found D_R miles away trading with a villager.”

mancontro’s eyes suddenly widened with remembrance.

“Oh, so you got the emeralds?”

“Yes,” D_R answered with a nod. “You know it takes a lot of bargaining to convince a villager to trade his emeralds.”

“Can I finish my speech?”

Everyone looked over at JC, who was now sitting down tapping the table with his fingers.

“Oh, yeah, go ahead.” LL said with an almost apologetic nod.

Everyone was soon back in their seats. LW wasn’t sure what he thought about bing consider a rookie, and having to sit in one of the least important looking chairs, but he took it like a man, sorta.

“As I was saying, Greenie is flammable. Obviously, my only explanation is that he has the power of green fire. Literally, what other reason would there be?”

Snap tried to interrupt, but failed as JC continued.

“My theory is that we may all have more to us than meets the eye. Literally, the website probably took our personalities and characteristics, and added them to us. We have to just figure out how to use them.”

“So, does that mean I can snap extremely powerfully when in a studio?” Snap asked. All eyes fell on him in an awkward moment of silence, which was suddenly broken when Catz jumped to his feet in excitement!

“Guys! That means that LL has the power of falling in love with LEGOs!”

Again the room went silent, and Pyro shook his head. The conversation wasn’t really making the serious headway JC would have liked.

Suddenly, the monotone voice of a female filled the room.

“Message from Guitarman2”, is stated dryly.

Operator was the first to react, “finally!”

Everyone else soon followed with both excitement and relief. G-Man2, after arming himself with more gadgets than thought possible, had all but sent himself on a solo mission to scout out their enemies ship. It had been a week since he had last contacted.

Cliff hanger… sorta… and yeah, characters like J2fam and Lax_Swag will come along shortly. Until then…

Pound it, noggin, See ya!

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2 months ago
Awesome! I was just going to ask where my character was
Great job!
2 months ago
By the way, that sixth tag had me dying
2 months ago
(I understood that ending!!!!!!)
2 months ago
@Lax Your character will come along before too long... just like J2fam and KoE. I have the whole plot (almost) together. And yeah
... it's kinda a joke with me killing of characters... Chris will explode in the second part of TUCoW though...

thanks bro
2 months ago
Loving it, bro! My entrance is perfection

I absolutely can't wait for more!
2 months ago
I will fry... me, the newbie, will fry?
2 months ago
Nice!!! I was expecting you to be in hospital from that little lightsaber incident you had.

*Reads sixth tag* *Sigh* *Facepalm*
2 months ago
2 months ago
That was really good.
Loved the humor!
2 months ago
glad you liked your entry... and no... not a chicken... what was I thinking? Like a turkey.

@D_R06 Thoinks, and yes... well... of course. If y'all remember a while back Catz 'revived' me. I thought I'd weave that into the story

@Snaptoit Thanks bro, yes, the humor is usually my favorite part

#MecabricksNeedsAFacepalmEmoji... someone should start a petition...
2 months ago
This was great bro!!! I like how you're slowly introducing the characters.
Can't wait for Ch.2! (assuming I'm in it
2 months ago
@KoE Thanks bro! I'd like it a lot if your character was in it... but I kinda need to to appear more towards the middle/end
I know... the dread of waiting
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