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ORIGINS Interrogation #2
Published 2 months ago
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Subject No. A7X

Name: N/A
Surname: Iros
Birth: N/A
Death: N/A

Interrogation Log:
Door opens, then closes
Jane: "Are you ready to talk? I've given you two days."
???: "You have no true power."
Jane: "And what's that supposed to mean? If you are referring to you having more power than me, then do explain how I managed to capture you."
Subject stays silent
Jane: "Let's get started. We know a few things about you. For instance, you cannot travel throughout time at will, or else you wouldn't be here. So it must be some sort of object, or certain location."
???: "And what do you think it is?"
Jane: "I personally think it's some sort of wormhole, as you weren't found with any objects. Besides, you're a space traveller, correct?"
???: "Yeah."
Jane: "But you weren't always a space traveller, were you?"
Subject remains silent
Jane: "You were... human, weren't you? You were born, and you died. Yet you found a way to come back. How was this accomplished?"
???: "I'm not telling you anything."
Jane: "Shall we try that SRD again?"
???: "No thanks, I'm not hungry."
Jane chuckles
Jane: "We also know another thing about you..."
???: "And that is?"
Jane: "We know who your father is. He is currently in his 30's right now. We don't know who you are, as you haven't been born as of yet, but when he is, or I guess when you are, then we'll know. We'll keep a very close eye on your father."
???: "You just wanna kill me! YOU WANT ME DEAD! YOU'LL KILL ME AS SOON AS I-"
Jane: "We're not going to kill you."
???: "Bull- Audio fuzzes out momentarily"
Jane: "Think of it this way. If we were to kill you as soon as you were born, you wouldn't be here right now. You would not have grown to the age you are now. Also, it would create paradox. Killing you would have wiped you from existence, and you would not have ended up here. If you didn't end up here, I would have no motive to kill you. Besides, it's inhumane to kill a child, much less a newborn. Think of your existence as your assurance."
Jane exits the room
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2 months ago
This is why I don’t want to switch places with Silver The Hedgehog. Time paradoxes make my head swim.
2 months ago
2 months ago
Hm, the word "born" is underlined for no apparent reason... I'm gonna keep that in mind.
2 months ago
2 months ago
This is the correct way to time travel, and the only way that it will ever make sense, (unlike the time travel in Avengers: Endgame), but it does kind of allow you to predict the future. Or the past. Or the present. I don't know what to call it. xD
2 months ago
I think the term you're thinking of is The Timeline. Of course, everyone can create fictional timelines in stories, movies, videogames, etc., but The Timeline IRL, that is unbreakable. You cannot travel through time, as it is impossible. Time does not actually exist, really. It's just a way for us humans to measure the space between certain events, and so, we cannot travel through time. That is why we cannot break The Timeline and make a new one, because it, simply speaking, does not exist. You cannot undo past events, because they don't exist either, at least physically. The real reason why people believe time exists, and fantasize about manipulating it, is because of our minds. Time travel would be, essentially, mind travel. So, in conclusion, everyone can time travel, in fact, everyone has. We define this as "remembering". Hope that makes sense.
2 months ago
A7X: I agree with you. One of my dad's favorite theologians likes to say "The future doesn't exist. Neither does the past." In a sense, he's right. The future, CURRENTLY, doesn't exist. It will exist, and the past did exist, but currently (or presently), they don't exist.
2 months ago
Nice, although I’d have to disagree with your time travel theory.
2 months ago
@BatDog Yes, I may have scuffed the last part of the theory. What I meant is that time travel is simply not possible physically, at least on Earth. To go back in time is not physically possible, not matter what. However, going forward is. If you were to journey to a part of the universe that slows down your molecules, then your perception of time would stay the same, but everyone else's (those on Earth) would move a lot faster. If that's too confusing, here's an example: You travel outside of the galaxy, and return to Earth after exactly one month in space. When you return, most of the people you once knew in your 30's are now senior citizens or dead. So yes, in a manner of speaking, time travel is possible, but not to the past. The only feasible way to "go back in time" would be to remember it. That's why we have memory, is to immortalize the moment(s). Is Christopher Columbus still alive? No. But do we know who he is? Yes. Why is that? Because he has been immortalized through our memories. So, BatDog, thank you for disagreeing with my previous theory, because that has made me rephrase my wording. Does this sound better? To me, this does make a lot more sense than my previous theory.
2 months ago
FYI, I just re-read my comment, please don't think I was being rude, I meant it as input in a conversation.
2 months ago
Yes it makes sense
2 months ago
Ma'am. . . you just made my brain explode
by A7X
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