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The Mystery Ninja Chapter 14: FINALE!
Published 11 months ago
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Ok, this is the Ending. If you are a returning follower I just want to say; 'Thank You' for being here! And I've done this ever since the beginning of my Account, and now it's lead me here! And it is one of my greatest professions on this Platform. Thank you. Enjoy! winking face

We all gasped, and I panted at this moment, almost in disturbance!
And most of us took off our Armor, and external Suits.
MN: What do you mean?!
Me: You sure indeed do have Powers!
MN: Really?! But how?!
Me: Same way I got 'em! And CJ, and WG, and pretty much anybody standing here!
MN: So does this mean I can finally get into the Academy?!
He said as he Beamed with Joy. "That's the most happy I've ever seen him!" I thought to myself.
Me: I don't know. But I have 2 things.
As I pulled out Various items. And the following were; A Ninja Suit, and a Pass to the Academy!
Chris: Really?! How could you ever forgive me after all of the awful things I did to you?!
Me: Well, if you won't try to Kill me anymore. Why fight when we can be Friends?
I chuckled. And to my presence I noticed he has jumped up, and hugged me!
Chris: Thank you, thank you so much! I couldn't ever repay you! And-
Me: It's fine!
I slightly cut him off in joy.
Everyone came up and watch him put it on!
Me: You look amazing!
As everyone-else agreed in commotion.
CJ: Well, you might as well join us!
AB: Yeah! We can always use another!
Chris: Jeez, guys. You are the best!
We all walked away, knowing this is how it ended.

~The Chris Jones Arc Story by Lego_Lover~

BUT WAIT! There could be some possible other Stories! smirking face
Just wait! And you'll see...
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11 months ago
JUST WAIT! YOU'LL SEE EVERYBODY! Amazing ending, L_L! You did SO WELL.
11 months ago
Thanks AB! And Ikr?
CJ: Thank you! I thought this was a reasonable Ending.
11 months ago
And sorry about the Lag everybody!
10 months ago
Amazing model and great story! Sorry it took me so long it's just my phone can't handle the lag so I had to wait till I could use the computer.
10 months ago
Thank you JB! And that's fine! It's not your fault! (It's mine actually!
9 months ago
Man, I should go back and read all of these. It seems like it was quite the adventure.
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