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Ninjago: Zombified: Episode Six: The Unbreakable Bond
Published 1 month ago
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The next morning, the five remaining ninja woke up on the balcony. Luckily, they were not attacked in the middle of the night. Kai yawned. “Huh? Zane! You were supposed to keep watch! You don’t even need to sleep like us!” Zane said, “I’m sorry, everyone, but my system underwent an automatic restart. It couldn’t be stopped.” “Well, at least we’re all still together… or, the five of us left over,” Lloyd said. Nya stood up. “Then now‘s the time we strike back! Borg Tower’s not far from here!” “All right,” Lloyd said. “Let’s make a run for it!” The ninja flipped off of the balcony and onto the ground. They were filled with high hopes of making it to their destination, but their plans would be put on hold. “Stop!” shouted Zane. He stopped, and so did Lloyd and the others behind. “Something wrong, Zane?” Nya asked. Zane looked around carefully. “I’m sure that I just heard a distant sound. But I can’t confirm exactly what it was.” While the ninja watches their surroundings, a zombie from underneath the sewers expanded its arm and grabbed Nya by her leg. “What the — aah! Nya was startled. “No!” Kai yelled. “Nya!” Jay ran after her, but it was too late. The sewer zombie pulled Nya into the sewer, with plenty more zombies in the area. “Help! Please!” “Hold on!” Lloyd said. “We’ll get you out of there, Nya!” Jay, on the other hand, wasn’t taking any chances. He braced himself and jumped into the sewer. “Jay!” Zane shouted. Kai couldn’t believe it. “What are you? Crazy?!” Jay was ready to take on all the zombies in his path. “Let go of my girl!” Jay said. “You shouldn’t have come! Now, we’re both doomed!” Nya said. “Not yet! Ninja-go!” Jay used Spinjitzu and knocked the zombies down. Then, he electrocuted the zombie that had Nya in his grasped, who then released her. “It’s okay, Nya,” Jay assured her. “And so are you.” Nya smiled. “I thought I was a goner, but you saved me.” Nya walked up to Jay and held his hands. “You two have to get out of there! Quickly!” Zane shouted to them. Sadly, there was nothing more they could do. Jay and Nya were trapped. And the zombies that Jay defeated regained their strength and got back onto their feet. “What do we do, now?” Nya asked Jay. “We go down fighting,” Jay told her. And so, the zombies began to close in on the two ninja, and they used their elemental powers to defend themselves. But it wouldn’t keep them safe for long. Kai, Lloyd, and Zane watched with sadness inside of them. “Guys, we have to carry on,” Lloyd said. “Jay and Nya wouldn’t want us to give up.” Kai nodded. “Okay, Lloyd. Let’s go.” The three ninja ran away from the scene. And in the end, the bond between Jay and Nya could withstand any corruption, or so they thought…
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1 month ago
Okay, I've caught up, Can't wait for more
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