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Thanks for 2000 Views! (And some other stuff)
Published 4 weeks ago
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Hello again.
That's right, we have reached 2K views,
that's twice as many as last time!
Thank you so much!
It's very motivating to me, and it shows me that you seem to like what you saw the first time you viewed one of my models.
And seeing that things that I made are actually good makes me very proud. Proud of me, but also proud of you.
We have now reached a number that I did not assume to be possible. When I got started with this, I had anticipated maybe 100 views by now, but that's now busted!
We also reached a stunning 240 likes! That's a number!
Also, big•x^n thanks to @LeKirbsterWrinkles, a good bloke who made this cool customized pilot livery for my birthday.
I really like it!
So much infact that this will be my new sig-fig.
Anyways, thanks•10^n again and see you in the next model!
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4 weeks ago
glad you like the uniform. Nice to see it in use outside the cmf it was originally made for.... I mean what? I didn't say anything.
4 weeks ago
No doubt. Thanks.
4 weeks ago

You deserve it!!
4 weeks ago
Happy birthday to you
Being awesome is what you do
Need something snazzy ? Just call leatho
he'll give you something really neato
4 weeks ago
That'll be 30 leatho-points for you!
I should make a leaderboard on my description.
4 weeks ago
Ayup, leatherboard's up!
4 weeks ago
Thanks. I think I am going to make an entire Aerodrome out of this.
3 weeks ago
1. I have something like "awards", three of my models got featured.
2. You should have noticed that you are all in all not very welcome on my models. You should understand that.
3 weeks ago
(Both points directed to GR8BRIK)
3 weeks ago
Then have some consideration!
You have drawn me and so many more into madness for so many times!
26 models | 2.8k views