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03.4 - Solution
Published 1 month ago
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03.4 - Solution

[Project |0]
[All Chapters Are Found Here: https://mecabricks.com/en/models/xov7DXG6a0D ]

Cakery didn’t know when his leg had fallen off. All he knew was that it wasn’t there anymore.
“How did this happen?” YellowFlame37 asked. He hadn’t noticed anything back when they were running away from the IDS bot.
“How should I know?”LoganLin asked. While the others were spending their free time having fun, LoganLin and Mick4575 had stayed behind and were now instructed to keep an eye on them until The_An0nym returned.
“It was already damaged by an explosion,” Cakery replied.
“What explosion?” Mick4575 asked.
“A little four wheeled thing… Now that I think about it, how did that little thing cause such a great explosion in the first place?” Cakery asked.
“Maybe it was a rolling bomb?” YellowFlame37 suggested.
“Maybe,” Cakery said.
“Guys… Where is Daedalus?” Mick4575 wanted to know.
“He trotted off a few minutes ago,” YellowFlame37 replied.
“And where did he go?” LoganLin asked.
“I’m pretty sure he followed Anon,” Cakery said.
“Why?” Mick4575 questioned.
“How should we know?” Cakery asked, and shifted into a more comfortable position. He was sitting upright against the library wall.
“How are you guys holding up?” ZekarLegoWarrior asked.
“Just fine,” Cakery replied.
“Must be tough to lose a leg,” ZekarLegoWarrior said, and started walking away.
“It’s alright,” Cakery called after him. A neigh sounded from the back of the library.
“What is it now?” YellowFlame37 asked.
“A solution,” The_An0nym replied. YellowFlame37 only now noticed The_An0nym.
“What solution?” Cakery asked.
“It’s kinda complicated,” The_An0nym replied.
“Just tell us,” Cakery said.
“Alright… After searching for a solution to recover Daedalus’ voice and your leg, I thought about the IDS bot,” The_An0nym said.
“What does the IDS bot have to do with me exactly?” Cakery asked.
“Kinda hard to explain, but simply said, I’ll transfer your consciousness into the IDS bot,” The_An0nym
“What?” Cakery exclaimed.
“I’ll take that as a yes,” The_An0nym replied.
“Wait, what are you going to do with me?” Cakery asked.
“Nothing painful,” The_An0nym promised, but quietly mumbled “hopefully,”.
“And what exactly should I do?” Cakery asked.
“Stay still,” The_An0nym instructed. Cakery complied. The_An0nym climbed on Cakery’s shoulder and fumbled around on his head.
“What are you doing?” Cakery wanted to know, then felt something cold being pressed against his head.
“You’ll be going to sleep for a while,” The_An0nym said.
“What do you mea–” Cakery began, but was interrupted by a powerful headache. Just a few moments later his mind went blank.
The_An0nym jumped off Cakery.
“What did you do to him?” YellowFlame37 asked.
“Nothing much… I electrocuted him so he’d fall unconscious,” The_An0nym replied.
“Electrocuted?!” YellowFlame37 exclaimed.
“Yeah… I’d advise you to leave since it’ll get a bit messy,” The_An0nym said.
“What do you mean?” YellowFlame37 asked. The_An0nym climbed down from the shoulders until they were on eye level. Then he took out a disk and it expanded into a sword.
“This,” The_An0nym replied, and stabbed next to Caker's heart. YellowFlame37 wanted to shout in surprise, but was so horrified that not a sound came out of his mouth. Both Mick4575 and LoganLin both stared at The_An0nym, while he continued to slice a hole into Cakery’s body.
“W-what are you doing?!” LoganLin finally asked.
“Transferring his consciousness,” The_An0nym said as he pulled aside the last pieces that had covered a weird circle.
“What is that?” Mick4575 asked.
“His consciousness,” The_An0nym replied, took it out of Cakery’s body, and climbed down. He walked over to the IDS bot and opened a luke at his back.
“You see… IDS bots are connected to an external IDS system, resulting in them to be useless when losing this connection. If I now remove the connector and replace it with Caker’s consciousness, it might just work,” The_An0nym explained while opening the IDS bot. He placed the weird circle inside it after removing a few wires.
“Will it hurt?” YellowFlame37 asked.
“If he doesn’t wake up early, then no,” The_An0nym replied.
“What about Daedalus?” LoganLin asked.
“Well… a few hours ago I was designing a fully functional voice box, but I don’t have the necessary materials to complete it. That’s why I’m going to implant one of them here, and the other one in Daedalus,” The_An0nym said.
“Where is Daedalus?” Mick4575 asked.
“He was smart enough to do as I advised and galloped away a few minutes ago,” The_An0nym replied.
“When will you be finished?” LoganLin asked.
“In a few hours… Could you guys leave? It’s kinda distracting,” The_An0nym said.
“Okay,” Mick4575 said, and turned away.

[End of 03.4]
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it's like the bar mitzvah of justy! tonight, you become capable of the stabby stab!
1 month ago
justyouraveragebuilder - XD
1 month ago
BlackFlame49 - Thanks!!

legomaster6383 - Thanjs!! & I could make a reference of you... But you might have to remind me later
1 month ago
okay but my sigfig is made by me if you saw it.
1 month ago
Have you updated my Siggy-Figgy???? Oh and nice CHAPTERRRRR.
1 month ago
Interesting idea for the transfer! And nice, you did the Stabby Stab!
1 month ago
legomaster6383 - Ok!!

SlimBrick1& WizardBuilds1 - Thanks!!

Lego_Tron - Unless you want me to update your sig-fig in every chapter you appear, I won't, since (03.1) There will be time traveling
1 month ago
Time travel!!! This story has everything!
1 month ago
WizardBuilds1 - ... Thanks!! I thought you knew that?
1 month ago
I probably just forgot or something...
1 month ago
@Anon: Awesome chapter! Also, I was the one who you told about the time travel…
1 month ago
Wait… was that mysterious “The_An0nym circle” tile your consciousness?!?
1 month ago
1 month ago
Jaze_Dragon - Thanks!! & I actually wrote 'time travel' in chapter 03.1
& won't tell

Lego_Tron - Don't get too excited

Justy - Indeed
1 month ago
1 month ago
SebastianButton.lego - Thanks!!
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