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T-rex Diorama 2
Published 1 year ago
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Yet another failed submission to LEGO Ideas. Enjoy I guess.
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1 year ago
it looks AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
1 year ago
Looks really nice! Could be more posable, but that would probably compromise on detail.
1 year ago
@Person: thanks!

@Slim: thank you! It was rejected due to 'conflicting with the Jurassic Park license'.

@Cakery: thanks! You are absolutely correct in saying that. I was aiming for detail and overall organic aesthetic rather than posability.
1 month ago
Sad that you wouldn't credit your inspiration, being Sami Mustonen's Lego Tyrannosaurus Rex.
1 month ago
I'm not sad.

Also every model takes inspiration from others. So really, I should be crediting a variety of models. But yes, Sami's was a major one.
1 month ago
How did you get the base and head so close to how he built it? It's astonishing! 100% fr
1 month ago
Not really sure what you're after here, mate. I've stated inspiration, and I'm not profiting from this in any way.

To be clear: this is not a total reverse engineering. Some techniques may be recycled, but that is because I thought they looked good and wanted to implement them. To a degree, every model is a combination of previous designs.

You should really be targeting all those "builders" out there who rip models straight from the workshop and publish them with minimal or zero editing, rather than attacking non-professional hobbyists who are just trying to expend some creativity.
1 month ago
Maybe you should make look like it has feathers. Then it will not look like the Jurassic park T-Rex. Or make a pack of raptors instead.
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