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Lionel Blue Comet 400E
Published 2 months ago
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2 months ago
So! I built a LEGO Red Comet train set years ago...and it is NOTHING compared to this beauty right here! This MOC is absolutely beautiful, and I didn't even need to read the title to know it was a vintage Lionel 4-4-4! There's a lot of details here to appreciate, but that cab roof...WOW! That must've taken a LOT of work to shape perfectly!
2 months ago
@JoeCheesy765 I'm thrilled to hear that you recognized it instantly. I was hoping it would leave that sort of impression. Also, if you want to give it a go, feel free to modify my model here with ideas from your Red Comet to make your own version, if that's something you're interested in. I'd even be happy to see your original LEGO Red Comet train set!

The cab roof was actually one of the quickest parts to figure out. I saw that new curved slope piece came in med-azure and decided to start from there, and I placed a hinge piece at random, and it happened to line up right the first time. I love the clean shape of it though! Believe it or not, the tender's shape with all of the 1/2 of a plate offsets took a lot of work, and the most challenging part was getting the dark blue section of the piston to not collide with the front bogie when it turns. Since each connecting rod is supposed to move too, that entire section took like a day of work.

On a side note, in case you are interested in building one, it is all physically buildable. The wheel bearings on the tender are supposed to be the newer ones without anything in their middle section, so that is why the 2x8 plate clips through these older ones.

Anyway, you really made my day with your comment. If you have any questions about the model I'm more than happy to talk about it!
2 months ago
Wow! This is amazing! I’m going to show my NTLTC lego train group, because my friend and creator of the NTLTC Henry Mack is working on a Lego Lionel Tinplate model series
2 months ago
@r2d2j2b2 Thank you! I'm really glad you like it.
I saw your NYC Hudson & Golden Spike before somewhere and they caught my attention then. I'm glad to meet the builder of such impressive models.
2 months ago
@UnionPacific4014 Oh my gosh! A series of LEGO tinplate models sounds so amazing! The styles of the shiny, bright & colorful, toylike trains blend so well with the LEGO bricks.

Thank you so much for you compliments too!

What does NTLTC stand for? A quick Google of your group left me with a plethora of unrelated results.

If you or Henry Mack are interested in building your own, please read on!

If you or Henry need any reference materials, such as Studio files, LDD files, or test renders that were made along the way let me know and I can send you a resource packet. I can have one together within a week or so after you request it, probably sooner.

I will also be putting together a bricklink wanted list for it in 2 weeks, so I can send that too if either of you are interested.

Have a great rest of your day!
2 months ago
@TrainOfThught Oh, you see NTLTC stands for National TFOL Lego Train Group (TFOL = Teenage Fan Of Lego). As for the other things, we already have downloaded and imported Trained Bricks and BBB wheel and rod Studio files, and Henry has already made instructions using Studio, so we’re good in that department. In fact I think I’ll ask my club if we can add you to our Discord (if you’re interested)
2 months ago
@UnionPacific4014 Oh! I meant LDD and Studio files of this specific model.

I'd be honored to join your discord, but I think I would have to join in a mentor/consultant sort of role, since I am 21, and thus not a teen.

And I didn't put two and two together until last night, but I realize I've actually seen Henry Mack's tinplates before! I was watching LEGO tinplate and LEGO Big Boy videos and realized that they were both his. True talent right there!
2 months ago
@TrainOfThought We’d still be glad to you to join even if you’re not a teen. After all, I’m the youngest being 14, and Joesph’s the oldest, being I think in his early 20s.
2 months ago
@UnionPacific4014 Sounds like I'd fit right in! Would I just be a regular member then? I'd enjoy that!
Anyway, my discord is Xel#4447 if you would like that!
2 months ago
Hello, I am actually Henry. This is indeed a very nice model! My favorite areas are the cab, headlight, and firebox. I think you've captured this locomotive quite well. After reading through the comments, I'd like to take you up on your offer of a resource packet with the studio file for this model. That can be sent to my discord (Henry Mack#5514). I'd be interested to add a few modifications to it and eventually build one for myself. It would look great next to my current tinplate train. Thanks,

Henry Mack
2 months ago
@Mackbricks Sounds wonderful! I'll get you a whole bunch of files by the end of the week.
2 months ago
@Mackbricks I sent you a friend request on Discord. I am running a bit behind, but I should have those files to you sometime before or around next Wednesday.
2 months ago
@Mackbricks Also, it totally slipped my mind, my username is Xel#4447
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