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Doctor Octopus NWH
Published 2 months ago
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Custom Doctor Octopus minifigure based on Spider-Man: No Way Home
If you want, you can use this fig in any of your sets, renders, animations etc. (unless you are selling it in any way). If you do, be sure to give me a credit (@adam_minifigures on Instagram)
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2 months ago
well as i expected, it looks fantastic!! great job and thanks for taking the time to post it!
2 months ago
Thank you, appreciate it
1 month ago
Hey could I use this design for a custom set I’m working on I’ll give you credit ofc !
1 month ago
Hey, thank you for the offer. I'm so sorry, but I don't really like your stuff I've seen on your Instagram and I don't want to be associated with something I don't like. Anyways thanks again and good luck with your set.
1 month ago
Alright understandable I’m not the best at making custom prints so i can completely understand that you don’t really like my stuff.
1 month ago
Hey man, can I use your models for a custom set I am working on?
1 month ago
Hi everybody, If you want, you can use any of my designs in any of your sets, renders, animations etc. (unless you are selling it in any way). If you do, be sure to give me a credit (@adam_minifigures on Instagram)
1 month ago
Thank you! One problem, if I try and delete one of the doc ocks, the torso and the legs become unaccesible. They are there but I can do anything to them. I have tried many times, and I am getting the same results. Can you publish another one that is just one of the doc ocks? Thanks!
1 month ago
Sadly doesnt, its not public I think. It says I dont have permission
1 month ago
I made it public, it should work now
1 month ago
can I use this for a custom build I'm making, I will give credit
4 weeks ago
The closed effect looks really cool!
9 models | 2.2k views
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