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Here I am all ready for Aocast!
Published 2 weeks ago
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G'day chaps this is my recruit for BlockMaster16YT's Aocast team!
Let me show you around.

Name-First: Joyce
Name-Last: Murry
Age: 18
DoB: January 26th
Gender: Girl
Bio: Born in the wonderful country of Canada, her parents wished her to go to collage when she finished high school, but she had her own plans. Signed up of Aocast on her 18th birthday.
Strengths: Extrovert, loves nothing better then to be around people. Great leader, determined and brave. She will never turn down a dare. A natural sword-fighter. Loyal.
Weakness: Has a hard time listening to others, reckless, over-confident. Smart to the point of know-it-all. Finds it difficult working with a team.
Extra Info: Fights with a custom-built sword and short-sword. Wears minimal armor to speed up attacks. Custom helmet and visor contain night-vision, stats, maps, pretty much everything and connects to base.

Hope this is alright BM16! If I need to change anything just say!

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2 weeks ago
So you did the Nexo Knights thing as well! Jolly good show, jolly good show indeed!
2 weeks ago
You can say that again. Canada is the best country ever! And oh, I never noticed I had 5K, thanks!
2 weeks ago
Nice! (also, just noticed that she is pretty much the opposite of Peter personality wise, but similar in that she builds her own gadgets and has a similar looking helmet. just thought that was interesting)
2 weeks ago
Very Nice, i think we have another member to team Bravo, if that's ok with you ofc
2 weeks ago
lol I commented on the wrong post sorry
1 week ago
Dang, that design looks sick. Canada is one of the countries I really want to visit. Just wondering, which team are you gonna be in?
1 week ago
@Dalegoboss, well i can tell you if you want i can surprise everyone
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