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1592-1: Town Square - Castle Scene
Published 3 years ago
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There was more than one version of this set as the instruction book for the English version is dated 1980 whereas the Dutch version was released in 1983. The set was also available in Germany in Vedes group toy stores.

Stickers, 973p03c01, 3470, 3778, 609p01, 739p01, 973p72c01, 3854
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6 months ago
I used your model to place in a non-Lego scene in Blender. The trees and the Stop-sign I tried to get out of Ldraw, but I had issues importing them, so the trees I had to rebuild quite a bit and the sign I had to draw from scratch. The Dutch stickers I could find online, so I modified the Englisch version in Photoshop. As I had to re-scale the model, all the materials needed to be scaled down to and the transparent white bricks I frosted a bit to look like they are 40 years old. The big car on the right is an older model I designed myself, it has wrong materials for now. I hope you like my render, I modified your model quite a bit...
6 months ago
Excellent work Lessomnia! Your stickers and trees look great!

Any chance you could share your trees? Quite a few other models could use them.
5 months ago
@SafePit: I would share them, but don't know how. They are .blend-files at the moment, you can't import them in MecaBrick.
5 months ago
@Lessomnia, check out the the “Parts and Decorations Design” in the forum. You can also email @Scrubs and he can provide tips and help get them included. I believe you can now add custom parts (click Parts above), but I haven’t tried that feature.
5 months ago
Thanks for your tip; I sent the .blend-file by mail, so maybe the trees will be added to the parts-library soon. The Stop-sign and the stickers I didn't send yet.
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