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Patriarch class colonial ship
Published 7 months ago
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“The Ark” project was the first attempt of mass colonization of planets outside Solar system. But it was just partly successful. Only third parts of all ships established proper colonies. Some gossips say the real purpose of project was just to get rid of excess population. A few years after the last launch of Ark revolution in hyperspace travelling happened. New hyperdrives were more powerful, faster, reliable, cheaper. So it was possible to establish regular supply lines between new colonies. So there was no need in looking for an ideal world. Colony can be founded everywhere near the source of some valuable resource.
New colonization project was called “Legacy”. It was based on fleets of smaller ships instead of one huge ship as before. “Patriarch” spacecraft was designed to carry fast deployable modules of a new colony. Habitats, industrial facilities, power plants. Everything that is needed to start building. All modules can function on the surface of planet and in space. At first group of engineers constructs small outpost on the planet, builds foundations for landing modules, and after that they are dropped off the orbit. They have their own engines for soft precise landing. Ship’s reactor can also be used as a power plant of settlement. In this case ship stays in orbit and will be deconstructed in future.
Last, but not the least. Big problem of the Ark was in its colonists. It’s very hard to keep billions of people alive in cryosells. Patriarchs have incubation facilities onboard and huge stock of genetic material. The idea is to grow most of population of a new colony artificially. DNA can be modified to provide better adaptability in case of hazardous environment. Moreover, by default all defects, random mutations and genetic illnesses were deleted from genetic material. Should I say it had serious consequences in future?
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7 months ago
Hey, terrific design and idea! I like the rotary module-launcher/cargo bay, the side bridge sections, the shuttle bay! Great story, too! Respect!
7 months ago
Beautiful and impressive MOC design as usual. You should apply to TLG for a master-builder position. winking face
7 months ago
Wow, really good render Renderbricks! I love how you can see the light coming through some pieces.

Great model Sunder_59!
7 months ago
Thanks. I use the Filmic Blender profile in MODO what is a bit tricky because MODO can't read the Looks what makes the lighting and shading a bit harder because it does not match 100% in the preview to the final result when I convert the OpenEXR in BLENDER with the Basic Contrast.

OK. Maybe noone has a clue what the brick I am talking about.

I use here a parallel light to simulate a nearby sunlight. Usually in space situation you would have a light and black shadows. But I use also a HDR map with 0.2 W/srm2.

This will make the light grey material still look too dark. Sunder's white look is closer to the original bricks because he's using a different lighting.
7 months ago
I would try to add some lights in the transparent pieces instead the making the whole piece glowing. Just my 2 cents winking face
7 months ago
Yes. I tried but a point light did not gave me a satisfying effect. I had no time left and turned on Luminous shading what was a much faster solution (in MODO).
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