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Time Squad: Halloween 2020 Special
Published 3 months ago
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I am now going to do a Halloween Special for a random series that I made and this year is the all new Time Squad.

Also this will be the first look at Time Squad so Enjoy!

Reece: It’s time for trick or treating, I’m Lord Garmadon so who are you?

Nick: I’m Spider-Man, That web-swinging hero who saves the day from bad guys with help from other super heroes like Iron Man and Captain America sometimes.

Penny: I’m Nya, My favourite Ninja, She used to be Samurai X but she became a Ninja and P.I.X.A.L. is the new Samurai X.

Reece: Let’s go trick or treating now.

*Meanwhile at the Villain’s headquarters*

???: It’s that time of the year, Halloween!

???: Hector! People are out trick or treating so we have the perfect plan.

Hector: Jeff! Let’s ruin Halloween!


*Back at the city*

Reece: Trick or Treat!

Neighbour: Hello!

Reece: I’m Reece and this is Nick and Penny.

Neighbour: Nick! I’m going to do a game of Hide and Seek with you, The winner will get a treat while the loser will have to lose their powers if they have some.

Nick: Deal!

Reece: Don’t! If you lose then you could lose your powers!

Nick: I’m just doing it, Reece and Penny, You could watch me.

Reece: Ok!

Neighbour: My name is Chris,

Nick: Who has to hide and who has to find the person who’s hiding?

Chris: I will find you while you have to hide.

Nick: Chris, Count to 10, also you only have 1 minute to find me, If you don’t find me then I win.

Chris: 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, Ready or not here I go!

Reece: I hope Nick doesn’t get found so he can’t lose his powers.

Nick: You can’t find me.

Chris: I can!

*A few moments later*

Chris: Found you!

Nick: No!

Reece: Oh no! Chris has found Nick so he is going to steal his powers and I think he may secretly be a villain.

Penny: We need to stop him!

Reece: Let’s go to him to stop him from taking Nick’s powers!

Nick: Reece and Penny! Help me!

Reece and Penny: We’re on it!

Chris: You may still have your powers but not for long!

Reece: Stop right there! Don’t take Nick’s powers!

Nick: You’re here!

Reece: We need to prevent Chris from taking your powers!

Nick: What if he is a bad guy?

Reece: I think he is a villain who wants to ruin Halloween!

Chris: You intruders have tried to stop me from taking Nick’s powers but it’s too late!

Nick: Oh no! I could not stop him from taking my powers! But we have to go to the time machine which is at our headquarters!

*Meanwhile at Hector‘s headquarters*

Hector: I think it’s time to ruin Halloween!

Jeff: I seen a message from Chris, It said that there was 3 annoying heroes that tried to stop him but he took one of the heroes’s powers and that was Nick’s,

Hector: Who are the other heroes names?

Jeff: The heroes names are Reece, Nick and Penny.

Hector: I think it’s time to ruin Halloween now!

(Back at the Heroes Headquarters)

Reece: Phew! We made it to our headquarters.

Penny: They can’t come in cause only heroes can come here.

Nick: If they want to travel in time then they have to get their own time machine.

Reece: Let’s go to the time machine.

Nick: The villains may had traveled in time.

Reece: I tracked the info on the leader of the villains, His name is Hector and he is in Halloween of 2009,

Nick: It was the year you were born in so let’s go there!

*A few minutes later*

Reece: We’re finally here!

Nick: The villains are ruining Halloween!

Penny: We need to stop them!

Hector: You thought we couldn’t time travel, Well we can cause we have a time machine.

Jeff: Stop them!

Nick: Without my powers, I’m weak.

Penny: We need to fight the villains.

Reece: You have to deal with him even with no powers.

Nick: Ok!

Chris: Get them!

Reece: Chris has a sword which includes Nick’s powers, We need to destroy it so we can get Nick’s powers back!

Nick: The sword should be destroyed cause it has my powers!

Penny: I got the sword.

Reece: I destroy it so Nick gets his powers back.

Chris: Not fair!

*A few moments later*

Nick: I got my powers back!

Chris: We are all going to die! Run!

Nick: Not for long!


Nick: Got you!

Hector: JEFF!

Nick: Defeated you!

Chris: You can’t defeat me even with your Powers!

Reece, Nick and Penny: Yes we can!


Reece, Nick and Penny: YES! We did it!

Reece: Let’s go back home.

Nick: We need to send Hector, Chris and Jeff back home first so the police can arrest them.

Penny: I do it!

Chris, Hector and Jeff: Nooooo!

Penny: See ya!

Chris, Hector and Jeff: WE HAVE TO NOT GET ARRESTED!

Reece: Let’s go back home now.

*A few moments later*

Reece: We did it! We defeated Chris, Hector and Jeff and Nick got his powers back.

Chris: Oh no! Police! RUN!

Police Officer 1: HANDS UP! You have been arrested for trying to ruining Halloween!

Hector: OH NO!

Police Officer 2: Reece, Nick and Penny, Thank you for saving Halloween.

Nick: I got my powers back from Chris who stole them.

Police Officer 2: We have it under control cause we are arresting the people who were involved in it.

Jeff: OH NO!

Police Officer 1: Go in the car now!

Chris, Hector and Jeff: OH NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

Reece: Thanks to Us! Halloween isn’t ruined!

Police Officer 2: Those villains need to learn a lesson in Jail.

Nick: They need to.

Police Officer 2: Thank you for making Halloween peaceful again.

Reece, Nick and Penny: Guess it’s time to trick or treating again.

Police Officer 2: Bye.
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2 months ago
The reason why Nick’s costume isn’t Kai but Spider-Man instead is cause not all of the main characters need to wear Ninjago costumes so Nick’s costume is Spider-Man instead.
2 months ago
Was this made pretty quickly?
2 months ago
I done some of it on 30th October and finished it on 31st October.
2 months ago
I originally planned to make the ending longer so here’s the longer ending but only the part after a Police Officer says Bye to the heroes.

Reece, Nick and Penny: Trick or treat!

Woman: Hello.

Reece, Nick and Penny: We want candy.

Woman: Sure.

Reece, Nick and Penny: Thank you!

Woman: You’re welcome.

(Meanwhile in Jail)

Hector: You pay for this!

Jeff: We must break out!

Chris: If we break out then we can try to ruin Halloween next year!

Hector, Jeff and Chris: FREE US!
2 months ago
Also I forgot this part of the longer ending.

Reece: It was a dream.

Nick: What dream did you had?

Reece: I had a dream about Me, You and Penny going back in time to Halloween 2009 to stop Chris, Hector and Jeff.

Nick: It’s time that we should try the time machine.

The true End.
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