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The Red Jedi (Star Wars Custom)
Published 3 months ago
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Name: Rubrum Starcc aka The Red Jedi

Birth: 1079 B.B.Y.

Death: 1000 B.B.Y.

Lightsaber: Custom made orange lightsaber

Home-planet: Mandalore

Backstory: Found as a child on the planet Mandalore, taken to the Jedi Temple where he was trained. Rubrum always had a fascination for Mandalorian culture and studied it profusely. He created custom robes for himself which reflected his Mandalorian heritage. When he was knighted, he dedicated his life to trying to pull Mandalore from it's warring past. While his efforts were in vain at the time, he lit the spark which would someday place Duchess Satine on the throne. He was considered a Mandalorian hero, but slowly faded from all memory. He is believed to have died at the battle of Ruusan.

Description: Look at the model!

Notes: Not much is know about The Red Jedi, most records of him were lost after Palpatine's rise to power in 19 B.B.Y. I have gathered what I can about this unknown Jedi Knight.

(This character is entirely a figment of Dragon_Rider06's imagination. Don't take any of this for real SW lore.)

God Bless!

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