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Chapter 5 : Captives Through Cyberspace
Published 1 year ago
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Ok, sorry for the late chapter, I was in Florida. Anyways I don’t have much to say, except that my waring a mask has noth’n to do with COVID19 ;-P

As the youngest rambunctiously sang, accompanying themselves with the action of running in circles, Kellie began to pester me with so many questions I could not possibly have understood three fourths of what she said, even if you offered me all of the Prime Empire sets. This was indeed humorous, but I was still myself, and didn’t like too much obnoxious humor from family members. “Ok guys,” I called out over the mixture of young voices. “Guys, eh guys? Let’s quiet down now.” Though Kellie seamed to take note of my desire, she didn’t completely calm down. The choir, on the other hand, didn’t even seam to notice. A sudden wind of impatience hit me like a blast, and with a commanding stomp of my foot I called out in a familiar tone of frustration, “Guys! Calm down!” At this fairly firm action they stopped most everything, but giggles and small comments began to arise almost as quick as they had left. Knowing I would not be able to take on the oncoming chaos, if it did reach full force, I flung my arms into the air with firm pleas for things to remain quiet. At this last attempt the room fell silent, and the dreaded sense of tension filled the air. Suddenly AJ, who hadn’t said a word, began to jokingly sing a song that was commonly heard around our house. “Greenflame doesn’t love me, dah doo, dah doo, dah doo...” At this a smile broke fourth on my printed face, and, even though I was waring a mask, this fact was obvious. Small, less rambunctious giggles rose into the air, pushing most of the oncoming tenseness away. Once things felt normal again, at least as normal as they could for being stuck in the internet, I readied myself to speak again. These words however, would spark the beginning of an adventure that would defy what seamed possible, and I was not prepared.
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1 year ago
Nice! XD Again, do your siblings really call you GreenFlame?
1 year ago
@SnapStudios No, not usually. If they do they are making a joke out of it. I use that name though because... well... what else do I do ;-P
12 months ago
good job! just a suggestion I think that it would be funny if at some point in the story you had the internet server lose connection so that everything really slows down for a little while. (like maybe in an action scene all of a sudden the characters find themselves almost frozen in time)
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