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Pothole Patcher
Published 2 years ago
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* Unavailable parts *
- The tyres for the truck with Bricklink item no. 6015 aren't available in MecaBricks, the similar looking tyres no. 60700 are also not available in MecaBricks.
In the end I went with other similar looking (but slightly different manufactured) tyres with item no. 87697.
- The tyres for the trailer with Bricklink item no. 3139 aren't available in MecaBricks, I went with similar looking (but slightly different manufactured) tyres with item no. 59895.

* Parts with issues *
- The 3787 Mudguard has only one snapping point, it misses the one on top.
- The 4212 Vehicle Base has only one snapping point, it misses a few others, might be due to the different levels in this single part.
- The 4214 Hinge Vehicle Roof Holder has only one snapping point, it misses the one in the hinge itself.
- The 2349 Hinge Vehicle Roof misses a snapping point for the 2348 Sunroof.
- The 3673 Technic Pin misses snapping points on both ends, had to adjust when snapping to 3700 Technic Brick.
- When snapping the 6014a Wheel onto the 4600 Wheels Holder, the alignment is off, had to adjust manually using the small grid.
- Had some trouble snapping the 194cx Hose Nozzle into the 4085c U Clip, but that might be due to my lack of understanding of the flexible parts.

* In the end *
And then you discover that somebody already built this set in Mecabricks.
Lesson learned: search library before not after
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2 years ago
The issue with the snapping point comes from the fact that these parts have not been updated in years. Maybe more than 7 years. Black background icons are from the very first version of Mecabricks!
You can use the rubber material for the tyres.
2 years ago
Hey Scrubs, thanks for your comment.

I did notice the black background on the 4214 "Hinge Vehicle Roof Holder" for example and looked up the meaning (older not updated part), but the 3787 "Mudguard" doesn't have a black background, and still misses a snapping point in my opinion.

Updated the tyre material to rubber, thanks for the tip. More are welcome, I'm still discovering all the possibilities.

Keep up the great work, it's absolutely amazing what you've created. And the money and effort you put into Mecabricks and you own private rendering cluster.
I do hope you weren't in any way offended by my list of part issues, you're probably very aware of these already yourself.
2 years ago
It needs more than that to offend me

When a better version is available like for yours ut can be switched. The other old incomplete one is buggy and I cannot untag it for now. Need to fix that first.
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