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Published 7 months ago
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I've had an idea for a while to reimagine Star Wars by remaking the appearance and changing the plot to fit more what George Lucas originally had in mind. I would probably do this in a series of dioramas, along with explanations of how the plot differs from the original movies.

Above, you can see an example of what I mean: this is a stormtrooper more closely resembling Ralph McQuarrie's original designs, along with some of my own imagination.

Let me know in the comments if I should go through with it. I'm prepared to put in the effort, but I'd like some feedback as well.

In other news, I haven't given up on Mecabricks or anything; I've just been really busy lately, plus I've got some bigger projects going on!
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7 months ago
If you could explain more about what exactly you'd be taking from the original drafts, I'll happily share my opinion.
7 months ago
My plan is to take the original trilogy, but twist elements of it to create something new, but fundamentally the same. It's pretty much like an alternate universe version of the Star Wars movies we all know and love. The main thing I'd want to include from George Lucas's original vision is the idea of Luke turning to the Dark Side. It's a fun thought to entertain, so I'd like to act on my inspiration. Also, LEGOs would be an awesome medium for this project and make it a ton more fun to do.
7 months ago
Luke turning to the dark side? Heck yeah, go for it (I think that idea was explored in legends a bit)
7 months ago
I’d like to see development of this concept!
7 months ago
That could be interesting!
6 months ago
This (could) be cool, I would like to see you approach, and think it’s a basically good idea! Good luck!
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