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interlude (2.5)
Published 2 months ago
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"Well... he's dead. isn't that what counts?" justy said from his crows nest perch on top of his now one-armed ice colossal.

"True, he's dead, but Negacie wasn't in there, and you took quite a beating." Kirbster said, standing next to the ice colossal, his house mech stroking it's chin.

"sorry, off topic thing I have to say, can't resist it, your mech offends reason." justy said, veering off of the conversation like a goose flying south that sees a newly cleaned car.

"What?" Kirbster replied, confusion evident.

"the legs on your house are way too spindly, and the feet face forward only, so that your mech, if it obeyed the laws of physics, would topple backwards. and your arms, goodnes gracious are they long. they don't just drag on the ground, they trail after you like a kid pulling a wet pool noodle next to a pool. no offense, or anything."

"This- this is news to me. it must be the magic of Steve, I guess..." Kirbster said, realizing everything justy had said is true.

"okey day, back to the subject at hand. I know I took a beating, but at least we know that I can take down a mech with a single ice giant, leaving the ice giant in working condition." justy said.

"True, we also know that the chest where the puzzle piece thing is is almost completely hollow." Kirbster thought aloud, still dazed from the confrontation about his house.

"yepperoony kaboony. as powerful as these guys look, their limbs are also easy to pull apart as my friend here found out." justy patted his black magic-infused ice creation as it hummed.

"But what do we do now? keep almost losing on one versus one battles, or do we end this?" Kirbster said, continuing to stroke his mech's chin.

"speaking of one versus one, where were you while I was fighting?"

"I would make an excuse, but I don't have one. sorry!" Kribster said, harnessing his wit. justy harumphed.

"answering your earlier question though, I could bring this back to our base while you track down Sebachie. try to find Worriz, Barbara, and Cashew too, while you're at it, but Sebachie is your first priority."

"That seems like a good idea. I'll grab my Ferrari and-"

"HOLD THE PHONE," justy interrupted. "you have... a FERRARI?!"

"Well, yeah? as I was saying-"

"A LITERAL FRICKIN' FERRARI." justy interrupted again.

"Yes. now be quiet." Kirbster replied while justy tried to pick his plastic jaw off of the bottom of the crows nest.

"As I was saying, I'll take my Ferrari and drive back to Sebachie's workshop, and try to find him. sound good?" justy nodded, unable to speak. the impossible house mech tromped off, leaving justy to drag the Chunky Sebachie away.
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2 months ago
I was not expecting the Sebachie mech to be defeated so easily.
2 months ago
Thank goodness mine has 3 crystal based power sources.
2 months ago
@Seb the chest and face are hollow and the joints are... implausible to say the least.
2 months ago
And the Millenium Falcom was made out of wood... Your point?

P.S. Don't ask how I know that.
2 months ago
my point is that if the bots were mass-produced, they can't have been the highest quality ever.
2 months ago
I- fair point...
2 months ago
also, if each minifig was life-size, then the Chunky Sebachies would be about 140 feet tall, each. that would take a LOT of resources, even for a flimsy Chunky Sebachie.
2 months ago
Yeah, hey, “BB-bots!
1 month ago
So you make a point to say that a house with legs is impossible, but because physics is not real here, it's fine... And then say that the chunky Sebachie's must be realistic and affordable
WHAT? I CAN'T HEAR YOU I'M goin through a tunnel byeee[size=5px]eeeee......[/px]
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