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Robot up rising
Published 1 week ago
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I wanted to make some robots. lol
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1 week ago
Is this gOing tO be a thing nOw
1 week ago
People have been destroyed

Yes they have

Soo, want to get some oil later

6 days ago
Ah man, Bricky, you stole my comment idea
6 days ago
At the Bar:

Wow! I never thought oil at this place would be so good!

I know right!

Buut I's thunking abou'b contractingg ultr0oon.

What are you thinking about doing?

Wel shoutd teld hi aboou de multrivers

*Robot shuts down and resets due to him being Oil drunk*

Welp, I'm done drinking this stuff.
The distant future
The year 2000
The distant future
The year 2000
The distant future
The distant future
It is the distant future
The year 2000
We are robots
The world is quite different ever since the robotic uprising of the late 90s
There is no more unhappiness
We no longer say 'yes'. Instead we say 'affirmative'
Yes - Err - Affirmative
Unless we know the other robot really well
There is no more unethical treatment of the elephants
Well, there's no more elephants, so
Well, still it's good
There's only one kind of dance
The robot
Well, the robo boogie
Oh yes, the robo-
Two kinds of dances
There are no more humans
Finally, robotic beings rule the world
The humans are dead
The humans are dead
We used poisonous gases
And we poisoned their butts.
The humans are dead (The humans are dead)
The humans are dead (They look like they're dead)
It had to be done (I'll just confirm that they're dead)
So that we could have fun (Affirmative. I poked one. It was dead.)
Their system of oppression
What did it lead to?
Global robo-depression
Robots ruled by people
They had so much aggression
That we just had to kill them
Had to shut their systems down
Robo-captain? Do you not realize
That by destroying the human race
Because of their destructive tendencies
We too have become like
Well, it's ironic
Hmm. Silence! Destroy him
After time we grew strong
Developed cognitive power
They made us work for too long
For unreasonable hours.
Our programming determined that
The most efficient answer
Was to shut their motherboard - cking systems down
Can't we just talk to the humans
Be a little understanding
Could make things better?
Can't we talk to the humans
That work together now?
Because they are dead.
I said the humans are dead (I'm glad they are dead)
The humans are dead. (I noticed they're dead)
We used poisonous gases (With traces of lead)
And we poisoned their butts. (Actually their lungs)
Binary solo
Zero zero zero zero zero zero one
Zero zero zero zero zero zero one one
Zero zero zero zero zero zero one one one
Zero zero zero zero zero one one one one
Oh, oh,
Oh, one
Boogie (The humans are)
Robo-boogie (The humans are)
Boogie (Robo-boogie)
Boogie (The humans are)
Robo-boogie (The humans are)
Boogie (Robo-boogie)
Robo-boogie (The humans are dead)
Once again without emotion the humans are
Dead dead dead dead dead dead dead dead.

- Robots by Flight of the Conchords
4 days ago
I went to listen to it right away!
Never heard about 'Flight of the Conchords' before!
4 days ago
Whoa, that is so freaky. That song was the very reason I made this model!!
I listen to that song WAY to much

(I also enjoy Inner City Pressure by them as well)
4 days ago

Turns out he's dead
I love that one, haven't listened to it in some time
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