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Chapter Eleven
Published 1 year ago
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Okay... so... by the end of this chapter y'all may think I've lost my mind... but all I can say is keep reading the story until the end, and don't jump to conclusions.

Dragon_Rider06 was beginning to feel tired, and discouraged. She’d been wondering alone for longer than she would have liked, and the only company she found she had to kill. If she’d counted right, she’d brought down around twelve guards, and one strange looking robot. She now turned down a narrow hall that seemed to twist and turn in a snake like manner. It was dark and cold, but suddenly came out on an opening. Things lightened a bit, but for some reason it felt darker. Before her lay a thin, yet long, mettle bridge with a bar railing on either side. Below that was a large shaft, filled with omanis gray fog that swirled about only fifteen feet below the bridge itself. Stepping forwards onto the bridge she suddenly jumped back as a door slid behind her.

“Weird,” she said, feeling extremely uncomfortable for some reason. It was all too, well perhaps still, or more, more like a dead end. That was it, she felt like she was at some sort of end, and it scared her to some degree. “Oh just dry up,” she said looking forward, trying to push the seemingly needles fright away. She took another step forwards but stoped; someone was standing at the other end of the bridge. It was hard to see in the dim environment, but something seemed familiar about the figure. “Hello?” She asked cautiously. In response a green beam slowly ignited from the figures hand, shedding enough light to reveal the figure’s identity. It was Greenflame, she sighed in relief. “Were you just trying to scare me?” She asked in a much lighter voice, but only received a stare. She waited a minute, the lightsabers dissent hum the only noticeable sound in the room. “Greenie, are you okay?” She asked, waiting a little more; there was still no response. She began to feel sick, it was Greenie but, something felt very wrong. “Alright mate, you make think I sound ridiculous but I’m feeling uncomfortable, if you don’t respond right now I’m leaving, sorry, but I just don’t like this.”

No response came, and so she turned to go. Thud, another door slid down over the last, and two machine like claws rose from the floor to lock it in place. Dragon turned and look back at Greenie, who’ed suddenly raised his weapon, and then sliced at the floor before him.

“What are you doing!” She cried as the rails and bridge where severed with a flash of sparks. The bridge began to vibrate, and slowly bend down. Greenflame walked backwards and into the safety of the hall behind him, still keeping his eyes on Dragon who was looking around franticly. She couldn’t go back, the way was blocked, she’d have to run forwards. Not taking the time to inhale she charged forward, the bridge bending faster as she got closer and closer to the edge. By the time she reached the end there was now a seven foot gap between herself and the remaining section of the bridge, a gap she didn’t hesitate to just barely leap over, igniting her saber as soon as she reached more solid ground, which, though much shorter and thus more stable, wasn’t that sturdy itself.

“You shouldn’t have done that,” Greenie said in an almost muted tone.

“Greenflame, what’s wrong with you?” D_R asked, looking up at the friend who had just tried to kill her. “If that was a joke it wasn’t funny,” she said, truthfully knowing this was more than a joke, yet still holding onto a false hope.

“I’m not programed to joke, only obey,” Greenflame responded.

“Programed? Greenie, what’s the matter. I’m your friend right?”

“Yes, you’re my friend; but you’re also our enemy. I’m here to obey, and so I must kill you.”

The two stood there, motionless, each pondering uncertain thoughts of fear or loss. While Dragon_Rider06’s mind flooded with the possible reasons why Greenie had seemingly turned, and how to keep him from doing harm without killing him, what went on in her opponents mind is indescribable. Empty doubts, longings, and pulsing passions that waged war on each other and plagued him with pain. Finally, with a sudden raise of his weapon, he brought down the first blow. D_R was quick to deflect this, and the fight was on. Both parried back and fourth, determination and focus being at the front of each move. Any onlooker would have agreed that D_R was without a doubt the better fighter, however, she was tired, and not as strong; and while Greenie didn’t care how it ended, as long as he remained the victor, D_R wouldn’t dare hurt her friend no matter how ruthless he became. She countered blow after blow, only taking the offensive when it would hinder Greenflame, yet not hurt him. With a swift leap she balanced herself on the tottering rail for only a second, and then flipped over Greenie’s head. She now had the hall behind her, and could make a run for it, and so she did.

The hall was dark and curvy just like the last, and more than once the hum of Greenie’s lightsaber, followed by the sparking flash of it striking the wall, came all too close to her head. She didn’t dare turn back, not till she’d made some distance. Stumbling through the passages end, and out into the more open and normal corridors again, she flung herself towards the nearest wall and regained her stance. Greenie was right there, thrusting an ill placed blow that only succeeded in leaving a dark streak across the wall. D_R took a step aside and once again redid her own weapon for action. The fight continued, and was everything a good lightsaber fight should have been, full of unbelievable motions and counters that could only have been explained by the power of adrenaline. They fought on, making their way to the front of an elevator. The machine’s doors slid open and out ran five guards, right in between the two. It could not have been better timing for Dragon, giving her enough time to dart down the corridor while Greenie had to push aside the confused men in order to catch up with her. She was a fast runner, but didn’t let that give her any consolation, this was a life or death situation. Seeing an open doorway on her left she dove in and looked around. She was in a large room, mostly empty except for a couple small work vehicles. She darted towards the nearest exit, and then the lights went out. Everything was black, except for the blue glow of her lightsaber.

“Great,” she whispered in a mixture of fear and annoyance. She could hear the slow yet cold steps of Greenie coming towards her. “Greenie,” she said shakily, lined with a fringe of anger “this isn’t you, so stay back.”

There was a pause in his footsteps, the air now feeling deathly still. Suddenly the green beam of his saber burst into life once more, revealing his face and the darkness that surrounded it. He pointed the weapon at her and held it there, and at the same time both the silence and darkness was broken by an onslaught of red lasers which fell down in Dragon’s direction like rain. She tried to block some, and was successful, but in less than a moment fell to her knees as several met their mark. Dropping her weapon she gasped for breath, trying to both hold in and let out the pain that was inside her. Greenie watched without pleasure, without satisfaction, and yet with the feeling of completion. He’d done as his master had bid, and now he only had to wait a moment to see the job fully completed. However he began to feel uneasy. Dragon_Rider had looked up and into his eyes, and as she did her own began to glow an icy blue. Greenie stepped backwards, but then found himself flung to the ground (his lightsaber being knocked clean out of his grip) as his old friend appeared to erupt into the translucent form of a blue dragon. It roared and snarled at him for a moment, but quickly faded away in a cold vapor. He laid there, shaking for over a minute, till finally the light came on again. Several guards walked forwards, and giving him a hand helped him up.

“It’s finished sir,” one of the men said while handing him back the hilt of his laser sword. Greenie didn’t bother to respond, but took the item and walked over to where Dragon_Rider had last been standing. Her own weapon lay dead on the floor, and he picked it up. It seemed to trigger something in him, some feeling or memory that he couldn’t hold onto, and even seemed afraid of.

“Dispose of this,” he said while handing it to the nearest guard.

“Roger sir.”

The guards left the room, and so did Greenie, after he had one last look around. He hated himself. If hate was the only feeling he knew, he hated it, was surrounded by it, and held fast in its ever growing grip.

Goodbye, God bless, Greenflame24!
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1 year ago
Brilliantly written, save a few typos.
But as for reading, I was terrified, to tell you the truth.

No! My lightsaber! Save it!

(What did Snap say it tasted like?)
1 year ago
okay, it's amazing as always, but buddy my emotions can't handle this. . .
bro that last sentence gave me CHILLS

(also when does my squad show up??)
1 year ago

Really nice writing, Greenie!!

Snap, what did it taste like?
1 year ago
One by one they fall, as they say.
1 year ago
@Dragon Typos are on LW, his fault... oh, and thanks
. I'm glad you were terrified, sorta

Your lightsaber... well... we shall see

, Really? You're already having emotional problems... but we are only this far... hmm... maybe take a pill or something, unless you just want to stop reading

Oh, and your squad shows up in the next chapter

Thx for the render

@General_Veers Gracias! Thank you!

Thank you!

@MINI-Gman Well, you're not wrong.

Concerning Snap's turtle leg... I don't know... he's the one that ate it.
1 year ago
You're welcome!!
1 year ago
Thank you bro!
1 year ago
Awesome Chapter Greeeeeeeeenie!
1 year ago
Your Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeelcome!
1 year ago
I spoke too soon about Dragon's arc, I guess. I have a feeling all characters will be brought back at the end, though.

To be honest, this is a genius story. Turning you evil does 3 important things - 1, it protects you, so you don't become one of the fallen. 2, it makes a very interesting arc of bringing you back. 3, it keeps the good guys from hurting you and makes us even angrier at Lord Phantom. This writing decision was absolutely genius.

Also, I love the angle you're taking, having MB users have their own powers. Really no end to what you could accomplish with that!
1 year ago
D_R: I don't think anyone's really dead, as you're in cyberSPACE. But since LW's body got completely disintegrated, I'd imagine it's not reviving your bodies or anything.
1 year ago
There's a render for ya, Greenie.
1 year ago
@Operator You know how to put a smile on a man's face.

*coughing from back of the room*

Random dude: You're only a man on the papers, not in character.

Me: *thinks* I'll let the jury decide about that.

Random dude: JURY!!!!!!!

*Jury appears*

Me: Can we have a court case another day...

Random dude: Fine.

Anyways, thank you. You gave me so much to respond to that I don't know what to say
... except... I have a new screen saver.

@Dragon Seeing as how I'm working up a plan for a third cyberspace story, I can't kill off all the characters can I?
1 year ago
Brilliant renders, both Sir Elabor and Op!
1 year ago
@Greeny, I'm not sure I can survive another . . .
But you have to keep a few people alive.
1 year ago
Also, one more thing to say about D_R's death, it's like LW's in the way that it was unpreventable from the start, and it leaves a sickening feeling in your stomach. It makes you really want justice for all the characters who've died, helping you think even more about Greenie's character, and hate Lord Phantom even more.
1 year ago
I feel like my departure is being foreshadowed by me being a jerk to literally everyone and being disrespectful and rude to everyone. :thoonking:
1 year ago
@Dragon Well, if you can't, then RIP.

@Operator I can't wait till you read the end

@Chuck You're not rude... you're just... crazy. You're actually one of my favorite characters to write about though
, you just have sooo much personality.

@Outlaw Thanks
1 year ago
@Outlaw I mess up on one of my
... the coding came out as 1:+
1 year ago
How do you even do a thumbs up?
1 year ago
Like this, but just without the spaces : + 1 :
great story, except there weren't any stabs present in the combat. that's really the only bit I'm dissapointed in.
1 year ago
Oh wait, I'm dead. I don't have to worry any more!
1 year ago
@Greenie: O_O

You do know I was joking when I said I will probably get impaled by you, right?
1 year ago
@Chuck That was an option, but I've actually decided against you getting killed by me.
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