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Riders of Promise: Part II Northward to a New Land
Published 4 months ago
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Riders of Promise: Part II

Chapter I

The City lay far behind them. The glittering, azure expanse of the Lake lay before them. Three cloaked travellers paused at the crest of a hill to survey the beautiful, shining waters below. The traveller on the right pushed back her cowl to reveal masses of bright red-gold hair.
“It’s beautiful,” she said, “look at all the diamonds playing on the water’s surface! If only I could keep it in my mind forever! How sad that you forget just how things look. They’re never as grand in one’s memory.”
“Come on, we can’t wait,” the middle figure said, “You’ll see the Lake just fine, soon.”
Clicking to their steeds, they continued on their way. The left rider grinned as the town at the edge of the lake came into view.
“Townton-by-the-Lake,” he said, “a bit overkill, don’t you think?”
The middle rider grunted and spurred his stallion onwards. “Come on!” The others shrugged and followed.
Townton-by-the-Lake was crowded. And no wonder it being a major port and trading centre. Three cowled and cloaked strangers would be no surprise to the inhabitants — exactly what the middle rider had planned. As they weaved through the crowded streets, the middle rider stroked his stallion’s neck, whispering to him for what may be the last time. The three riders drew rein at a livery stable, dismounted, and led the horses inside.
The middle rider, cloaked in black, paid the owner of the stable, charged him to take the utmost care of the horses, and left. The other riders bid farewell to their steeds and followed him.
“I hated that, Niger,” the girl said, “it was awful.”
“Agreed,” the brown-cloaked rider replied.
“Armica, Forten,” Niger turned, “I hated it as much as you, but it was unavoidable. We will surely need horses where we are going, but you know we cannot bring them.”
They continued in silence. On and on through the streets until the lap of waves and creak of timbers could be heard.
“Are you certain this fellow can be trusted?” Fort asked.
“Honesty, Fort, you’re getting to be as worrying as a granny,” Armica said, laughing.
“Carbo was certain. He’d bet his life on this chap,” Niger said.
“He’s been wrong before.”
“To our benefit,” Niger sent a smile to Armica. She smirked back.
They walked on under a bright sky until they reached the edge of the Lake. There they stopped and looked out upon its wide, sparkling waters.
“I’ve heard the Ocean is even larger than the Lake,” Armica said, “but I don’t believe it.”
The sand was crumbly and soft. The three travellers slipped and stumbled as they made their way to a small jetty. Beside the jetty, rocking slowly in the swell, lay a smart, little boat already fitted with a sail.
“There she is!” Fort said, “but where’s old Mate?”
“Who’s ‘old Mate’?” asked Armica.
“Anyone in the entire world. But right now it’s the chap we’re meeting.”
At their voices, a shaggy, blond head poked itself above the bulwarks of the boat. The chap climbed out, ran to Niger, handed him a package, and high-tailed it away.
“Friendly, wasn’t he?” Fort remarked as they walked along the jetty.
“I’m not surprised,” Niger said. “Anyone associating with us is an automatic criminal. I’m amazed he was here at all.”
The boat rocked as they climbed in. Niger hoisted the sail while Fort cast off. Armica watched in admiration. “You know how to do everything!”
“Not quite,” Niger carefully scuffled to the back of the boat and sat. One hand on the tiller, the other on the sheets. “Shove off, Fort.”
The boat moved away from the dock. The sail whipped and cracked, then caught the wind. Niger directed the prow northwards. He glanced at Armica and Fort as they left the jetty. Armica’s bright hair waved in the wind and her eyes glowed. Fort was just behind the mast listening to the cheerful gallop of water under the prow of the little boat.
“Farewell!” Armica called to the town. A town where everyone minded their own business, and no one saw the boat depart.

End of Chapter I

Well! Our three heroes are abroad for new adventures!
I was playing around with the character, updating them and such when the idea for part two of Riders of Promise came into my head.
Honestly, I've been hinting about RoP's return for the past several models. I'm jolly surprised none of you picked up on it. This should not be a surprise.
Anyway, I hope you enjoy!

For Christ Alone!

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4 months ago
Wow, love the chapter! (I read the tags

4 months ago
I saw the RoP tag in the Star Wars Day model!
4 months ago
DRAGON_RIDER06!!! You scared me
... sorta... I saw you said, "Y'all may not want to see this", and I was bracing myself for the worst... like... your goodbye model O_O... that would be terrible...

...however... THIS IS AWESOME!!!!!! Give me vibes, and thrills, and expectations... and makes me want to play Minecraft for some reason...
4 months ago
@Fireblade, Thanks! (Good job!

@Gman, I was wondering if anyone would


@Greeny, Sorry
Didn't mean to scare you.
Thank you!
Minecraft . . . interesting connection.
4 months ago
... well... I don't know. Anything medieval with sand and water usually makes me think of Minecraft
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