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History in Bricks : Seeya!
Published 1 month ago
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So... its finally come to this.
For real this time.

Listen up, this has been a blast. Ive spent so much time on this site you have no idea. Ive met wonderful people and had so much fun.

But well, tomorrow marks my Graduation from High School, which means i'm about to get a life. And well... that also means i wont have time on here anymore, so in lieu of that, i wanted to make one more History in Bricks just to celebrate all i've accomplished here.

So many people to thank, where to start?

Thanks to Bishop1859 for being a good friend on here, hes done so much and ive done so much for him, and in light of that, im actually passing the Legion Series on to him.

Thanks to SiMaI for making all of these guns, my mocs just wouldnt be so special without them. Youre the best Russian ive ever met, matter of fact, youre the only Russian ive ever met.

Thanks to LegoWilderness for also being a friend and giving me a shoutout in your presidential speech. I didnt know and i was honestly flattered. Also, thank you for you wonderful decals and custom figures, i never got around to using some of them, which i am ashamed of, but hey! At least their good!

Thanks to Interbrick for the wonderful robot animals. The wolf was especially fond of me! I know you probably wont see this anyways, but know youre appreciated!

Thanks to CalcMan for being a fellow Slav or at least a fellow Understander of the Slavic Ways, and just being a friendly...face...photoreceptor....eye? I dunno

Thanks to Scrubs for creating this lovely platform for people to express themselves on.

And finally, thank you to everyone else here on this wonderful site for just being a wonderful community.

And now, as i depart, do not fret, someday, i may return, maybe a while, but i swear it, i will return!

For now, i say thank you all,
Vielen Dank an alle, und Auf Wiedersehen.

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1 month ago
1 month ago
*salutes as well*
We haven’t met, Kraus, but I’m glad you enjoyed staying on Mecabricks, and, well—have a good life!
1 month ago
Atra esterní ono thelduin. Mor'ranr lifa unin hjarta onr. Un atra du evarínya ono varda.
Sé onr sverdar sitja hvass!
1 month ago
i am making ofi soldiers to keep the ofi in business
1 month ago
they will never be as good as Kraus thow
we haven't met, but I've seen your awesome creations and know that you've made an impact on Mecabricks. Auf Wiedersehen, Genosse!
Leider wird der Kaseturm mit Ihrer Entscheidung nicht zufrieden sein ...
1 month ago
Hate to see you go, but hope you'll have a happy and good life, and wish you luck in the coming years...
1 month ago
Bye Kraus. I never met you really- (Your models are REALLY nice). But anyway... *Salutes*. Auf Wiedersehen.
1 month ago
1 month ago
*salutes* Bis wir uns wiedersehen, Bruder. Sie haben diese Seite mit so vielen tollen Modellen bereichert, und dafür danke ich Ihnen. Auf Wiedersehen. (Every one else was doing German, so I thought I would too)
1 month ago
*Tries to salute but forgets how and ends up with two fingers in mouth, two up each nostril, and one firmly implanted in eye*
1 month ago
whos going to do the other series that he hasnt started yet
1 month ago
Didn't know you but it is sad to see another person leave, Auf Wiedersehen
1 month ago
You might not know me (I check your models actually), but I look forward to you returning.
1 month ago
I check all your models, their awesome! It's sad to see you leave

1 month ago
Take care Kraus!
4 weeks ago
*plays "We'll meet again" while saluting*
4 weeks ago
*plays "We'll meet again" while saluting*
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