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mecabricksers #1 chapter one
Published 5 months ago
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my new book!
Chapter one

Swish! Kai just made a basket. He was outside shooting hoops because it was between that or listening to his sister play high school musical on full blast. After he was done with basketball he was going to go on mecabricks. For the past week mecabricks had not been working right, it kept blacking out then making him sign back in. He had tried asking in the forum but no one ever got back to him for a while until scrubs had told him not to joke around. That is kinda weird. He went back inside oh god, Kamara (his sister) was no doubt doing a high school musical movie marathon. He hopped on his computer and went on mecabricks. 24 notifications, wow! He scrolled through them oh look a message from blackflame49. “ I saw that forum that you made the weird thing is that it happened to me and I couldn’t post on the forum for some reason”. Said blackflame49. Kai decided to go downstairs and watch high school musical with his sister. Oh now she was shopping for clothes while watching high school musical. Kai decided to make a LEGO moc. He flipped the channel to falcon and the winter soldier and sat down on the floor and got to work on his moc.

hope you enjoy
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5 months ago
sorry about the short chapter.
5 months ago
my sisters phone is actually red not black.
5 months ago
thanks you are in chapter two than blackflame49 is chapter 3 than we team up
5 months ago
silverlighlning22 - Good to know!!
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