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Get you own bike of the future!
Published 8 months ago
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No renderings uploaded yet
This is where you get you own, custom, legit, new, hover bike of the future!
Step 1. Pick you over all color scheme, so like, main color, and secondary color!
2. If you want your logo on here, than provide me with a brick of your logo, and I’ll incorporate it!
3. What type of weapons do you want? Machine gun, turrets, or cannons.
4. What’s powering it, a fan, engine, the air, wheels. ( wheels are tricky)
5. Any other personalizations?
Current bikes;
Skull Crusher: Up for grabs!
Fire Burner: Up for grabs!
Pythons bike is made!: To the right of the middle, front of the row:
Wait time; for hover bikes, expect up to 3-5 business days, (weekdays) to receive yours. And for wheel bikes, expect 5-7 business day to receive yours.

Rendering; obviously you can render yours, but each of you bikes will come with a quality render, rendered in Mecabricks.

Stock; I’ll put out a stock bike every little while, and you’ll be able to call dibs, and get it, one bike per person, and you can’t take others, or say, I’ll have the same as CJ.

Terms; Please don’t get mad at me, I got permission from InterBrick, here it is, and all of the bikes are custom, and soooo fun to make! (Permitssion) :If you want to! If you do, just expect to be doing a lot of work, depending on how popular they are!: Byeeee!
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8 months ago
Woah! These are incredible!! Can I have a bike?

SECONDARY COLOR: Red (the bright one, not the “new brick red” color.)
WEAPONS: Guns!! Maybe a couple swords for looks, idk. It’s up to you!
POWER: Wheels? Probably two
Unless you think the air would be better.
EXTRA STUFF: Could you add some silvery accents to that? And maybe a few clips so I can attach my minifig’s weapons and stuff. That’d be awesome!

ahh thank you so much!!!
8 months ago
Ok, guns: laser, rocket, or calibur shots? Thanks!
8 months ago
The skull crusher looks e p i c, but i don't think one would like to sit on it...
8 months ago
Fixed both of them, would you be interested in a custom one?
8 months ago
Sure, thanks in advance!

Instead for asking anything specific, i'd like to challenge you to make something that you think would represent me/ you think i'd like!
(if you want, if not i'll think of something)
8 months ago
These are cool! But, like Bishop said, I wouldn't want to sit on the Skull Crusher! I'll let you know if I want one!
8 months ago
Just give a few, tiny little suggestions! And should it include, the special, "69"
8 months ago
I'll have yours out by the 10th?????? As I'm coming up with it!
8 months ago
A TRON themed bike as you well know, would be pretty cool.
8 months ago
And I think the "skull crusher" should be renamed to the "Butt Stabber".
8 months ago
What weapons, and type of weapons;
What color scheme;
And any other things like you logo;
8 months ago
Color scheme is Black and trans-blue, and no logo or anything. Weapons could be kept to a minimal, because of streamlining. Though a single pulse cannon would be cool.
8 months ago
Phantom: nice new username and prof!

Laser guns, please!!
8 months ago
Also, I agree with everyone (and did notice originally) that the Skull Crusher is more like Butt Stabber, like what Rubrickscube said.
Maybe add another plate on top? That way everyone’s buttocks remain intact.
8 months ago
Nice! I can see you've taken a different approach to me!
8 months ago
I generally try to avoid piece collisions, but you don't seem to mind intersecting pieces.
8 months ago
Where two or more pieces are occupying the same space, which is impossible in real life.
8 months ago
Nice, but I'll try and make one myself. Thanks though!
8 months ago
These look pretty dope!
8 months ago
I would love one!

Main color: Black
Secondary color: Transparent Red
Weapons: Laser gun on each side and a couple of swords.
Power: Repulsers (Air with a blue glow)
Extra: Could you make it similar to a TRON bike?
If not then that's fine.
8 months ago
Wow, thanks!! My bike looks awesome. B)
8 months ago
Sorry, that was supposed to be
8 months ago
Thanks python, I’ll get y’all orders ready by the 10th, InterBrick, I like to go illegal when not in real life!
7 months ago
I would take skull crusher, I don't have a logo, so that's ok, but I want my color scheme to be black, purple, and brown, if that's not too much for you. I need trans-purple studs for the missiles, and black and trans-purple boosters, and a few clips for my weapons. Thx!
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