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Exploring the Amazon
Published 3 months ago
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The Amazon can be a very dangerous place, full of all kinds of wild animals, but the brave explorer must press on through the jungle!
Also the original creator of this is techtali
and here is the link to it!
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3 months ago
AMAZING SCENE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
3 months ago
@CommanderBrick: i actually got it off of bricklinks studio gallery and just changed it up a bit
3 months ago
Nice! Though you should probably give credit to the guy who did it first
3 months ago
Nice. I love Amazon. It is really useful when I am buying shoes or Nerf blasters. It is really dangerous though. Sometimes I only mean to buy one Nerf gun, and then I pay 200 dollars for like four of them.

3 months ago
Amazon is much more dangerous than Facebook... why did they add a 'buy with one click' button on large LEGO sets? 'Oops!'
3 months ago
1. Love the name, why did you choose that
2. I know right! I mean, imagine if you had a younger sibling (or I guess child), and they spent like $1,000! That would be terrible, and a few years back I accidentally bought something. (We have Prime Memberships, so it is even easier to buy stuff.)
3 months ago
LOL not child for me I’m a kid, but yeah. My username is the same as the on on LEGO Life, I chose it to make it easier for peeps on that app to find me here, plus it’s funny.
Also, I was jokin XD when I said the buy button was dangerous, I was saying it was too tempting to buy LEGOs! But yeah, it could be dangerous for real, I mean some of those sets are like $800.
3 months ago
@Toilet (What I will start calling you if you don't mind): I don't have a kid either, but I have accidentally bought stuff "for" my parents when I was younger. Yeah, imagine putting the UCS Millennium Falcon in cart, and then bumping the quantity up to ten! That should be what I do 2 days before Christmas, so it would come on Christmas (since Prime ships and delivers on sundays and holidays). I wouldn't survive my punishment, but at least you wouldn't have to put up with me anymore! ;D
3 months ago
I still 'buy' stuff for my parents, but really it's for my LEGO photography hobby. I took my avatar pic.
3 months ago
Your avatar looks great! You must really be good.
3 months ago
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