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Hazmat MOCmaster
Published 1 month ago
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This is a variant of my sig fig in a Hazmat suit!
I heard the corruption spreads, so I developed these to protect the wearer from corruption (press show in editor).
Sadly you cannot wear these forever, so we need to resist find a cure, stop this war!
I'm working on finding a cure, it works, but only for a couple of minutes. After that the patient will turn corrupted again at full strength. The cure doesn't work on CJ for some reason. I need your help...
...help me...
...help others....
...help save Mecabricks...

P.s Was that too dramatic!?
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1 month ago
Don't worry MOCmaster I'm with you to stop this!
1 month ago
TG: No you won't!
D_R: Yes! One more ready to stop this!
1 month ago
You can't stop it. I have taken on more powerful beings than you.
1 month ago
Oh yes we will stop you!
But you haven't taken on me!
1 month ago
I'm afraid the only way to cure him might be to find out what corrupted him in the first place, but you can keep trying...
1 month ago
I've taken on many VERSIONS of you, MOCmaster. They all failed.
1 month ago
Get to Moonbase 65!
It's the only un-corrupted place on earth!
1 month ago
Thanks AB and ABrix for joining!
CJ, but I could be the superior MOCmaster!
Sir Nerdz, your base will prove useful, but not now, we need to fight!
1 month ago
It's not gonna be that easy Mm, you forgot he has magic powers. smirking face
1 month ago
Thanks D_R!
........We need to think!
But if I comment it here CJ will see, I'll find a way to tell the survivors the plan.
AAAAWWWW <$@*, I'll have to reconsider the plan...
1 month ago
Language, MM. Believe me, I know the plans before you even MAKE em.
1 month ago
Then you already know what my chapter of the corruption is gonna look like, and the plan I came up with to stop you while I was building it?
1 month ago
Woah... He even knows CJ's my twin brother...
1 month ago
I'll still resist you CalcMan!
1 month ago
I dont think so.....

Btw u weren't too dramatic. In fact, everything starting from "we need to resist" should be used as the prologue to this whole mess
1 month ago
...What is fear,
fear is just a word...
...it has no meaning...
it's just a figment of our imaginations...
...they think they can use our creative thinking to stop us!
...they think, they can drive us into our own demise via our thinking...
...Well I say no!
We must stand up...
We must fight...
We must resist...
We must live on!!!!!!
1 month ago
Was that too dramatic?
1 month ago
Nope that was great and you're 100% right!
1 month ago
Thanks Dragon_Rider06!
smiling face with open mouth
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