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Christmas Build: Part 1
Published 6 months ago
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Okay, sorry this is late O_O
Anyways, you may notice some changes in your figures and builds... part of that is because some of y'all didn't quite follow my "No Clipping" rule, and that might be because some people don't understand was "clipping" means. Here is a definition.
The act of merging parts and pieces unnaturally

Second, I had decided to give everyone railway outfits, but then decided to only give some people railway outfits, and then forgot about it... and so some of y'all have changed figures
. Anyways... hopefully you will enjoy Part 1!

Hauling those train cars had been extremely taxing on The_Indescribable_One’s plane, and so wee arrived at the ski lodge much later than Justyouraveragelegobuilder. By then, the house was in an uproar. Sides had already been taken, and cars were being painted and modified to suite the designers. It didn’t take me long to figure out who all was on my side: Fireblade, AmyOak, LegoMaster707_2187, SlimBrick, NinjaDude2011, and of course WizardBuilds1 and Tio. That mean’t that I was to face Dragon_Rider06, Operator011, justyouraveragelegobuilder, Mr_worriz, KnightofElabor, KingofAce, Spinjitzukid, Jono_Guard, LegoCommanderBacara, Bishop1859, Cakery, bricksandbones, Marcel451662, Scrap_Knight, and ReverendSuitor. I know, that’s too much to process, and it definitely was on that day. More than once I found myself addressing people I didn’t even know, who I thought were on my team, but actually weren’t.

Of course, there were others at the lodge then just these, but they preferred to remain neutral. Like SnapStudio for example. “You guys are going to end up crashing and having to open your presents in the hospital,” he’d taken a large sip of hot cocoa before continuing, “if you will even be able to open your gifts in the first place. I remain neutral, like, all these other smart people sitting around me.” This statement had almost started an entirely different fight about whether this was a smart idea or not, but somehow it resolved itself before it ever really got started.

By evening, the two trains were ready for action. There were two tracks, and they ran parallel to each other for several hundred miles. We’d line our trains up and then fight until, well, whatever was going to happen happened. Gazing through the light snowfall I looked upon the shining green masterpiece before me, letting out a satisfied sigh. In my mind, the Green Train was perfect, and could take on anything Red team would throw at us, despite being smaller in size.

“Do you seriously call that an engine?” I heard the unimpressed voice of Operator ask as he came up from behind. I looked at him blankly, and then at the small little car at the front of the train. Yeah, it was small, the smallest car in fact, but it looked… well, to be honest it looked like an oversized remote control toy from the Dollar Tree that somebody (aka me) had glued large pieces of pipe to in hopes that it would look like a big beefy machine.

“Of course I do!” Was my answer. “I mean, well, ’It may not look like much but it’s going to work out kid’” Op just rolled his eyes at my answer. He was elected leader of the Red team, mostly because people didn’t trust justy after his trickery in the last battle, but partially because his car was the engine, so he’d be leading anyways. “Are you going to wish me luck?” I asked hopefully.

“No,” came Op’s response. “I saw what happened when Gman wished you a small bit of luck during the World Series, and after some careful calculations I’ve decided you’re not someone I want to wish luck, if it’s not going to benefit me of course.”

“Oh,” I said sourly. “Well, I’m off.” With this I left Op to whatever he wished and climbed to the top of my car with a shout of “All aboard!” In minutes my entire train was filled, and people were settling into their positions. I could see the opposing team doing the same, and as I watched my confidence began to diminish. They did have a pretty impressive team, even if they were wrong about which Christmas color was superior.

“Hey, Green guy!” I heard the unmistakable voice of Bishop shout from behind his menacing turrent.

“You need something chap?” I called back.

“No, just wondering what kind of hidden guns you built into your car, I don’t see any visible.”

A sheepish look shadowed my face, and I stooped down to lift up a small handheld snowball blaster. “I, I got this.” I said with a shrug. Bishop gaged, and then sputtered, and then burst into a fit of laughter that echoed through the mountains and hills. I was thoroughly embarrassed, and for the time being wished that the Alaskan countryside would swallow me up for Christmas dinner. Finally, after about three minutes of non stop howling, Bishop collected himself, wiped his eyes, and spoke.

“You’ve got to be kidding me? I mean, no… that’s not the only thing you have to defend yourself is it?”

“Uh, it actually is, but hey, I spent most of my time working on our engine.” With a point of my finger I directed his gaze to the prescribed front car, only to have a similar scenario take place. Humiliated, I decided it was time for my interaction with Bishop to end, and so I turned to Fireblade, whose car was just before mine. “Going good?” I asked.

“Hopefully. I’ve at least got enough ammunition to last until next Christmas.”

“That’s good, we’re starting off in five minutes, as soon as Snap gives the signal—”

Suddenly a loud gun shot rang through the air, with Snap yelling something about having a slippery trigger finger. I opened my mouth to tell everyone it was a false alarm, but things started up too fast. We were off, and no one had wasted a second. Snowballs flew, hot chocolate was spilled, and giant chucks on ice struck anything in their path. I ducked to avoid the onslaught of Bishop’s rotating turrent, grimacing at the snarky remarks he was yelling over the noises from the battle.

“Ouch!” I heard NinjaDude scream from behind, and I turned to see him fly off his car, screaming something about bananas and spring loaded rubber missiles. One man was already down, things weren’t looking good. Creeping around the side of my car, being carful not to draw Bishop’s attention, I whistled a shot at Dragon_Rider. The snowball just managed to strike her shoulder, but she kept her balance and turned to see who’d hit her.

“Green!” She yelled, scooping up a pile of snow and hurling it in my direction. I caught it with my empty blaster, an automatic reload. “You really should change your taste in color, it doesn’t appear to be working out for you.”

“Things are going just fine,” I yelled back, firing again. She deflected it with her sword, and then ducked suddenly as massive pieces of ice flew around and over her, almost taking her car down, followed by justy’s screams of hatred for Tio, or maybe it was lamentation for his beloved giant, either way I was able to meet Dragon’s gaze with a confident grin. “See you on The Other Side” I said with a wink.

“What’s that supposed to mean?” She asked.

“You know, The Other Side, the joke, right?” She shook her head, and I suddenly realized my error. “Oh, sorry, that’s an inside joke with some friends I have in real life, just forget about it, and uh, remember to be Proactive… wait, you won’t get that either.” I stayed still for a moment, trying to think of something quick and witty to say and end our little spat. Suddenly I lost my train of thought as a powdery snowball struck me in the nostrils. Dragon was laughing.

“Sorry mate,” she said, “but this is a snowball fight, you can’t just stand there doing nothing.”

Spitting bits of snow away and wiping my face I climbed around my car and reloaded my gun. Today was a day of humiliation apparently, or at least for me. Popping my head around the side of the car I fired a random shot towards LCB, missing him but knocking a penguin down. Reloading again I tried another time and met my mark. He staggered for a moment, stepped on one of his birds, which gave a pitiful squeal, and then bellyflopped to the floor. I pummeled him with a few more shots, and was accompanied by my companions who took notice of the distressed solider.

“Hey,” Jono shouted from his elegantly decorated wagon.

“Hay is for horses,” I heard AmyOak shout back.

“Well then yo, stop embarrassing yourself by sending half of your firepower on an unarmed penguin lover and face the big boys.”

“Don’t insult my interests,” LCB sputtered, half buried in snow, “I take great pride in my popular penguins.”

“Nice use of alliteration,” Cakery said.

“Forget the stupid grammatics and birds and fight!” Someone yelled from somewhere on the red train, very frustrated and probably covered up to their neck in snow themselves.

“Hey, ‘grammatics’ is my word.” I retorted, “and I can talk about whatever I want, it’s Christmas!”

Suddenly something crashed into the top of my railcar, and then fell down at my feet. Slowly it stood, and then rushed at me with shocking speed. It was one of justy’s ice men, and it hit me square in the gut. I fell over the edge, grabbing hold of something just before I would have fallen to the cold tracks beneath. The iceman came again, and carrying his fist towards my face. I ducked, and then wrapped my arms around his waist and hoisted him up onto my shoulder. He was lighter than I expected, but cold enough to numb me in an instant. With one fluid motion I flung him down and under the wheel.

“Goodbye—” I started to say just as the entire train lurched, jerked, and rumbled. I saw NinjaDude’s empty car suddenly come loose, and then fly off the tracks, separating both WizardBuilds and Tio from the rest of us.

“Greenie!” Wiz shouted frantically as his car began to go wild and rattle this way and that.

“Oops…” came my reply. Perhaps the ice justy made his militia out of was a bit too hard for some things to handle.

“‘Oops’ isn’t going to save us Greenie, we’re going to die!”

“Uh,” my brain seemed to freeze, despite the fact that I was begging it to think of something. It didn’t help that we were approaching a bridge either, a rather high bridge in fact; one that looked over a raging river full of rocks and large chunks of bluish ice. If Wiz and Tio really did run off the rails, at least after it was too late, they’ed be toast; soggy and shredded toast.

“Greenie, I vote to demote you from leadership!” Tio yelled in frustration, his face now more red than the opposing train itself.

“I second that vote!” KoE called from his car.

“Quiet pal,” LegoMaster said sharply, “you’re a red, so your vote doesn’t count.”

“Yeah, but haven’t you ever heard of voter fraud before?”

“This is no time to get political guys,” Spinjitzu kid said, standing up on the Christmas tree he’d Duck Tape’d to the back of his car and folding his arms.

“Politics are just a part of life Spin,” Slim called from his machine, “you’re just gonna have to deal with it.” This sparked my interest.

“Wait, does that mean I have permission to talk politics without getting people mad at me now?” My tone was hopeful.

“People getting mad is part of politics, and you have to deal with that,” Dragon responded bluntly.

“And death is part of life! So stop your stupid conversations and be the leader you’ve been called to be GreenShame24!” Tio said so wildly that it’s a wonder his cart didn’t fly off that very instant.

“Well, leaders learn from their mistakes, so I promise to learn from this one… see ya guys!” I waved my hand and smiled as we reached the bridge, and watched as both Tio and Wiz fell over the edge, cars, snowballs, hot cocoa, and all.

Goodbye, God bless, Greenflame24.!
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6 months ago
Excellent! I’m loving it so far!
(B-but…where’s my car? °-°)
D_R - My mom says the phrase “So good” ALL the time! I notoriously tease her for it..,
6 months ago
Great story, but what happened to me⁉️
I got hit by bananas, and that's it⁉️ I'm gone⁉️
(Oh, and when I said ouch, you should have said Ouch❗)
6 months ago
@Dragon Thanks
, I loved writing it, especially the inside joke thing
, because NO BODY on here is going to get it
. doing this just because

@LegoMaster Thanks

@Wiz You're car is right behind NinjaDude's, and right before Tio's... anyways, thanks!

@Fireblade Glad to hear

@NinjaDude Thanks, and I haven't actually decided what's happened to you yet. Maybe you hit a rock and that's the end, or maybe you got sucked under the wheel and are holding onto something for dear life O_O... I'm kinda just free styling this one, and don't really have a plan O_O.
6 months ago
@Greeny, Inside jokes that no one else understands are so much fun
I wonder if anyone else notices these
Anyhow, can't wait for the next part!
6 months ago
@Dragon I know! I'd love to give a speech for something one day, with some friends in the crowd, and just drop one inside joke after another
. Probably some random guy who never says anything but reads all of our conversations... back when the LEGO message boards were a thing, I read so much, but didn't own an account... I was the unknown fan of so many... a phantom, and a mystery... I still hope to meet some of those people someday...
@Scrap #
6 months ago
Oh, sorry—I see it now!
That was almost an emergency!! (Jk)
6 months ago
@Wix believe it or not... I actually did almost forget your car
. For some reason I forgot to save it properly or something, and it almost didn't make it o_O.
When I saw who asking where it was I kinda freaked out that I'd messed up
6 months ago
Why is my computer so slow in the mornings ! especially on the Mundanes(mondays) it might get it from me, -_- @Greenie, yeah I've noticed
6 months ago
Oofles, I didn’t mean to cause any confusion!
I just have bad vision…
6 months ago
I can’t even see the model because my iPad can’t handle it. I can see the miniature version on my notifications though. It looks great, Also, that sounds like something I would say.
6 months ago
hay is for horses CLASSIC
6 months ago
Very nice!

(I should have participated...)
6 months ago
now that the other chapter is out, I'll read this one...

not bad.
before I begin feeding your back (in the sacred christmas tradition of feedback)
just wanna say, there are manny, manny, manny less spelling mistakes, and the writing is pretty elegant, like an official writer!
I always forget who tio is, so I just kind of think of the piece for Todo, or Toto, or whatever that dog's name is from the wizard of oz... not your fault, but I thought I should point it out.
I think you know that I wouldn't give up my control that easily. leavin' you at that. *cheshire grins, one wild eye twitching*
I'm confused as to how the trains are fighting... are they side by side? in front? is the red train split up to 'ave equal portions o train on either side? or did you just not feel like posing the guns?

anyhoo, nice story and to all a good night!
6 months ago
100% true fact: Dorothy really named her dog: “Toto-Frodo-Watto-Jar-Jar”… she just calls him “Toto” for short.
6 months ago
@General Thanks, maybe next year

@Justy Whoa! A lot to respond to
... anyways... thank you for the complements
. The last one was more rushed than this one was, but I also have improved... having taken both a college composition course, an analyzing and interpreting literature course, and just having written more in general.
Tio is The_Indescribable_One, he told me to just call him Tio

As far as giving up control, well... true... perhaps more went on to put Op in control than realized, I just didn't have time to write all the details
So yes, the trains are running on parallel tracks. I didn't have time to set up all the guns properly, especially since a lot of them would need severe modification if I were to do so O_O
6 months ago
@Greenflame24, about what's going to happen to me..........

6 months ago
@NinjaDude I don't know where I'm going to go with that
... but I've got a whole year to work with the idea of you (and maybe some others) being a (SPOILER) ghost, at least temporarily, so yeah
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