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My Character for Aocast
Published 2 months ago
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First Name: Jason
Last Name: "Phantom"
Age: 23
Date of Birth: Unknown
Sexuality: Unknown
Gender: Male
Bio: First popped up on Aocast's radar in North Dakota at age 17, and had racked up 14 perfect mercenary kill jobs, he enlisted at 20. No one has seen his face because the last person who tried got a broken arm. He's known for dropping off the grid sometimes and coming back with a most wanted fugitive. Also certainly known for being competitive with his partners.
Illnesses/Weakness: Has a very itchy trigger finger and will sometimes kill out of reflex.
Strengths: Extremely good with heavy weapons like LMGs, sniper rifles, etc.
Extra Info: Once got a high level criminal that the beta team was tracking and has been rubbing it their faces ever since. Also known for his unorthodox methods of disposing of targets. (Mainly throwing them onto the sidewalk off of a building)
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2 months ago
Very cool, I'm getting some Winter Soldier vibes
2 months ago
I based the personality off of Hunter's from The Clone Wars
2 months ago
and yes @RodgerRoger you can just search up Aocast and find welcome to aocast
2 months ago
Very nice, i think we have our first villain!

RodgerRodger: Yes you can, if you find my post Welcome to Aocast, you can find the way to enter there
2 months ago
I was hoping for alpha but I'm fine with either one.
2 months ago
Well Alpha, Bravo, Delta and Echo are all Aocast teams, the only villian team is Ghost which Spoiler:

Is an old Aocast team who was changed by the cosmos
2 months ago
Yes, I read your Welcome To Aocast build
2 months ago
Yeah, I'd say that's a good description
2 months ago
Hmm alr, i think i know a perfect place to put him then
2 months ago
Yeah, I see where you're getting the winter soldier from this
2 months ago
Wow. That looks amazing!
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