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Fall of realms Kingdom Chapter 2: Storm
Published 8 months ago
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“Ummm. Does he normally do that?” Holx asked, “I’ve only worked with him once.”
“Occasionally,” Racka said, “If he’s not back in time, we go ahead with the attack.”
“Okay…. Are you sure?”
“Trust me. I’ve worked with him more times than I can count.”
“Okay,” Holx said. Though he was still a tiny bit unsure.
“My forces are ready,” Animeus said, “We outnumber them easily.”
“Yes, we do now.” Holx said, “But don’t forget that the Necromancers can control the undead. We might not outnumber them for long.”
“With that in mind,” Animeus said, “Do we wait? Or attack now?”
“Hmm,” Holx asked, “Racka? Any input?”
“I’m leaning toward now. We’ll do a quick strike and hopefully knock them out for good.”
“Okay,” Holx said, “Here goes nothing.”

At the Necromancer camp

“Lord Malchor,” a young necromancer said, “The Kingdom army is assembled and ready to attack. We cannot hope to summon enough undead to beat them.”
“If we cannot beat them in numbers, then we must beat them with magic,” Malchor responded, “They have but one mage. We can beat them. Gather the others.
“Yes, my lord.”

At the Kingdom Army Camp

Racka stared up at the clouds in the sky with a growing sense of unease.
“That’s strange,” he said, “That storm appears to have come out of nowhere.”
“What?” Ian looked up from his book, “A storm appearing out of nowhere?
“Yes,” Racka responded, “That’s what I said.”
“That would be in the realm of their power.”
“Who’s power?” Animeus pressed.
“The Necromancers! They know that they’re outnumbered in weapons. Therefore, they’re attacking us with magic!”
“Oh dear,” Racka said, “And we’ve only got one mage.”
“I can get another one here.”
“Really?” Holx asked.
“Yeah, sure. Give me a minute.”
Ian walked over to a clear spot in the camp and uttered a spell.
There was a flash of light and a girl appeared.
“Hi Ian,” the girl said.
“Hi Sis. Ready to fight some Necromancers?”
“You bet.”
“Let’s go!”

Thanks for reading!
Story by: Guitarman2
Characters posed by: HAMMERBORNE

FoR discord server: https://discord.gg/NebyUCT

FoR Youtube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCGzfkvjrmXGaQZtd5FTTdRw

Check out this animation that inspired me to make Fall of Realms!
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8 months ago
Weeee Heeeee! Racka!
8 months ago
How long did this set take you to make, HAMMERBORNE?
8 months ago
@RickardCinema, Um, idk, maybe an hour or two.
The hardest part was probably posing the figs.
8 months ago
Wow! Great job HAMMERBORNE! this would've taken me like 4 hours
8 months ago
@Guitarman2, hehe, but I didn’t have to do any terraforming for this set....

@RickardCinema, Thanks! But I already had most of the assets made. (I used the tents and from Kingdom chap1)
8 months ago
An added bonus.
8 months ago
The sets again are amazing, as is the story! And I love how you made the bows without arrows on them!
8 months ago
The bows are one of my favorite things so far.
8 months ago
Epic! Really nice set design and minifig poses!
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