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The Leviathan for @j2fam77
Published 5 months ago
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For j2. I had a lot of fun making this character, hope you enjoy!

I felt like the Leviathan was a girl so I made her one (plus, I know someone whose last name is similar to Leviathan, so I associated her with this character for some reason)


Name: Kataida (pronounce: Kah-tye-da). Loosely based around Greek for "storm"

Nickname: Tai (pronounce: Tie), Kat. She hates being called Kat, because cats are land creatures, but people like calling her Kat to annoy her-- plus she acts like a cat sometimes.

Age: 19

Species: Leviathan

Personality: She doesn't talk often, and even less so in English (or whatever the standard language is). Despite being fluent in three languages, she mainly speaks one, the language of the sea, as creatures of the land and sky don't know what she says. She's very mistrustful, as she was raised by sailors (humans!!) only to find out they were keeping her like a zoo animal (she doesn't recall getting torn away from her family as a baby; she's never known them). As a result she fears and hates land and sky creatures, though she learns to trust others slowly. Tai always has the mysterious you-don't-know-anything-about-me vibe, though she's very protective and caring to those she has learned to trust.

Hobbies: eating human food (only if it's from a shipwreck though), swimming, sinking ships and hunting sailors.

Weapon of Choice: Staff (which was part of a sunken ship's mast; she takes great pride in this one as it came from the shipwreck of a particular ship...)

Catchphrase: DIE (is that too violent? I'll change it if it is XD)

Extra info: Kataida originally came from the Leviathan equivalent of New York City. However, her parents' neglection led to being found and taken by sailors who found her a curious thing. She escaped when she turned 15, as she became too strong for humans to control. Since then she has roamed the seas-- her comfort zone-- and hunts humans, sailors in particular.
Living among man and "mutations" at birth has brought Tai to lose some of her Leviathan natural abilities, such as breathing easily underwater through her gills. She has lungs as well, but they serve as more of a backup function (though she uses them and has strengthened them more than the average Leviathan, she can only depend on them for such long periods of time). Sometimes she struggles to breathe with her gills, and her lungs are smaller than a human's, so she requires a respirator (she wears it around her neck).
She also hates Baby Shark. Hearing that song or even mentioning it will usually result in a few extra shipwrecks that day.

Hope you like it!
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5 months ago
5 months ago
All you need is a catch phrase, and you’re good to go! This has been an approval from Master Komali
5 months ago

I like the tags
5 months ago
j2: Thanks! Catchphrase should be up shortly, my bad!!

Thank you!
5 months ago
@Sky_Python You're welcome!
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