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Published 4 years ago
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No renderings uploaded yet
Well, it's actually my first serious moc imported in there smiling face with open mouth

This thing started ca. a year ago as an idea of an abstract ufo-shaped-copter. Considering the fact I have about 300 unfinished mocs atm and much more ideas not yet implemented even in an attempt-to-start-building.. this one is pretty lucky! smiling face with open mouth and smiling eyes
The color is chosen by my wife, and I think it suits this thing surprisingly good, despite the fact that it's definitely not typical sci-fi coloring. In a strange way it reminds me some days of the past, when stones were soft and I played Starcraft against AI players (had no friends of course), and there always was the Teal Protoss, usual pain in the ass with his ookied zealot rush stuff!
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4 years ago
I saw your model this morning of Flickr... and... I'm speechless..!
4 years ago
Now that is the dictionary definition of the word "incredible"

Dictionary Definition of the word Incredible: the MOC by Dunkleosteus entitled "Harbinger"
4 years ago
I've been late for work because of your model! I saw it just before jumping in my car and I felt obliged to load the thing before leaving... It was worth it.
4 years ago
awesome I love it do that as your profile photo
4 years ago
you say in about Well, it's actually my first serious moc imported in there

I cant wait for more creation from you and maybe look my creations to
4 years ago
This model is a real stunner! I might have to come up with a fitting render for it!
4 years ago
An incredible model, love it! If some one render this it would be gorgeous.
4 years ago
I have a render idea, but It'll be a while if I do decide to do it.
4 years ago
Awesome renders Renderbricks!
4 years ago
Thank you very much volks! It's very inspiring to get so positive responses (:
I have so much to do now - a bunch of mocs are waiting to be transfered here, and I also need to get some skills in blender-rendering!

Just noticed these magnificent renders by Renderbricks so I got one more job to do - I should find my jaw somewhere below Ö_Ö Thank you sir! Seems I have a huge gap to overpass!
4 years ago
Renderings updated with fixed model.
4 years ago
your welkom your creation is awesome but why you delete your athoter creation
4 years ago
Thank you very much Renderbricks!

I also tried to make my own render using Blender and with the help of dear Sunder_59. Of course this render is very basic but I'm still proud about it
4 years ago
Thanks TBCWW!

That red motorcycle was extremely boring so I removed it to have some space for other mocs
4 years ago
oh oke and I have a secret project that I am working on and your creations is awesome maybe I put your creation in my creation

and that project I am working there 5 moths on it is a big project and I have some projects that have to come here is the name of it ULTIMATE WARS but that is a secret and also your creation I put on twiter yesterday everbody can see it
3 months ago
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