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The Obsidian Ninja - Crimson Sun
Published 1 year ago
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Name: The Obsidian Ninja/Colin T. Perry

Age: 13 (yes that is an acceptable age to be a ninja)

Height: 5 ft

Birthdate: June 1st, 2008

Power: The Elemental Power of Obsidian

Hobbies: Drawing, Cooking, Gaming, Legos, S H E I K A H S L A T E

Weapon: Sheikah Slate, Obsidian Sickle

Personality: Competitive, creative and inventive, up to a challenge, friendly, emotional, selective about friends he makes, and when he takes action, he usually lets it go to his head, or pretty much anything he does, for that matter.

Origin: He was just a regular guy with regular friends and a not regular Sheikah Slate, until he got kidnapped by friends who happened to be ninjas and they told him about his power and what it should be used for. Now he's a hero ninja.

I used the least amount of clipping possible to make your job easier CTB. Enjoy!
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1 year ago
I tried to post the one with the text but it wouldn’t let m:(
1 year ago
5-ft 13-year-old? That's a little short...
1 year ago
Woah, that is an amazing render.
Also, yeah, I'm a short person, so that's kinda the point.
1 year ago
I'm 5'1" *last time I checked was in November* and I'm 11...
note that some aspect will be changed because of the sytle but I will try to change as little as possible
just like the bio my idea for the main friend group is they just met over time with is easy to incorporate with what you have given me and the power because the characters of the series don't have them but I can make exceptions
1 year ago
I'm 4'75 and I'm about to turn 11...
*Cough* At least I'm not the only one.
1 year ago
Cool, could I use the sheikah slate? please.
1 year ago
I don't even know how she got onto my account, but that comment up there was Wynter.
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