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Brainiac’s Revenge: Season 2: Episode 2: The Brainiac Phone!
Published 2 years ago
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Brainiac: Our plan shall begin now!

???: Hi, My name is Daisy.

Brainiac: Daisy, Interesting, Do you support me and Chen or Reece and the heroes who are idiots!

Daisy: I support you and Chen cause those idiots win most of the time!

Brainiac: Good! I will make you my 3rd in command.

Daisy: Yes!

Brainiac: Let’s tell you the plan to get rid of those idiots once and for all!

Daisy: Ok!

Brainiac: Step 1. Get some more villains! Step 2. Download even more apps to my Brainiac Phone! Step 3. Make a robot that has all of the features of my Brainiac Phone. Step 4. Make a Time Machine. Step 5. Try to erase the Heroes from existing. Step 6. Celebrate the victory with a party.

Daisy: I like this plan!

Brainiac: Let’s get some more villains now!

Brainiac, Chen and Daisy: HAHAHA!

(Meanwhile at the heroes headquarters)

Reece: Brainiac is planning a plan to erase us forever!

All of the heroes: WHAT!

Reece: And he now has a third in command, Her name is Daisy!

j2fam77: Brainiac’s third in command is a girl, I thought Brainiac’s new third in command is a male!

Reece: I will tell the full plan now.

MOCmaster: What is it?

Reece: Firstly, Brainiac wants to get some more villains to join him! Secondary, He wants to download even more apps to his Brainiac Phone! Thirdly, He wants to make a robot that has all of the features of his Brainiac Phone! Fourthly, He wants to make a Time Machine. Fifthly, He wants to erase us forever! Lastly, He will celebrate the victory with a party!

j2fam77: We need to stop that plan!

Reece: We must go to the city to fight some villains that want to join Brainiac.

(A few moments later)

???: I want to join Brainiac!

Reece: That villain wants to join Brainiac! We need to stop him!

???: You all are idiots that want to stop Brainiac!

Reece: Who are you!

???: I’m Claudie, A fan of Brainiac!

Reece: We need to stop him!

j2fam77: We will have to stop Claudie!

Reece: Fight!

(A few moments later)

Claudie: You win but I already joined Brainiac.

Reece: We defeated Claudie but we need to stop Brainiac’s Plan.

j2fam77: Let’s go back to our headquarters.

(A few moments later)

Brainiac: Claudie, What happened to you?

Claudie: Those annoying heroes defeated me but I already joined you.

Brainiac: I already have a lot of villains with me so our next step is to download new apps on my Brainiac Phone then we will make a robot that has the app’s features then we will raid the heroes headquarters just like they raid mine and we will attack them then we will make a time machine then it will be game over for the heroes!

Brainiac: HAHAHA!

To be continued.
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