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Chapter 1: Captives Through Cyberspace
Published 2 years ago
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Ok, first off note that I am going to include all who have asked, but don't expect to see yourself for the first few chapters. I need to build the story. Second I'd like to thank Dragon_Rider06 for letting me use a similar story Idea as her own, though our storyline should differ quite drastically. Anyways this being said here we go!

How it came to happen, or what was the cause of it, I wasn’t sure. All I knew is that I was suddenly on a light gray 16x16 stud plate, with endless depths of dark nothingness around me. At first I thought I was dreaming, after all what other explanation was there for this bazar situation, but it only took a few moments to realize that the explanation was not that simple. This fact made my heart leap, stomach turn, and mind explode with unanswered questions. If this was excitement or fear I couldn’t tell. I laid myself down on the ground not caring that the studs dug into my legs, after all when you’re a minnifigure that feels quite natural. As I closed my eyes I let my thoughts roam. Was my previous post about getting trapped in Mechabricks prophetic, and if so was I really going to miss taco night? Or was someone who had viewed that post, somehow, playing a prank on me? After opening my digitally printed eyes, I stood up and, with much reluctance, threw myself onto the floor. That was a mistake. The next few moments I was again laying on the ground, but not so I could process the thousands of questions, which were haunting my mind like a vivid nightmare, but because of the splitting headache I had given myself. I now at least knew one thing for sure, I was in some kind of digital designer program, and by the looks of my new, yet familiar, surroundings, it was probably Mecabricks.
After my headache had calmed down, I stopped dwelling on the pains of my plastic head and began to process my concerns once more. A new thought came to me this time, where are all the others? I’d like to meat Jcreations, SnapStudios, and some of the other users in person, but where were they? Maybe Scrubs didn’t like my post, and really did trap me, that would explain why I was alone. This seamed like the best choice, but at the same time it was so unreal. I lifted myself to my knees with a preyer for understanding, and in almost the same moment something caught my eye. A single well was in the center of, wherever I was, and glistened with water that constantly rippled. How I had not seen it before just added more questions to my mind, and then I was struck by a sudden wind of inspiration. Could I build?
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2 years ago
Cool!!!! When is the next chapter coming out?
2 years ago
Next week, probably Wednesday. The soonest is Monday.
2 years ago
You're welcome!
2 years ago
Sorry that I’m late, looks nice!
2 years ago
@SnapStudios, the render is amazing!
2 years ago
Awesome! Can't wait for the next chapter!
2 years ago
Your welcome, to bad it was taken down.
2 years ago
(to the story not to the render being taken down)
2 years ago
This looks interesting! I'll try to read it all.
1 year ago
Wow, comparing this chapter to your later chapters, you've really improved!

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